YOUNG adventurers survived the great outdoors when they took part in activities as part of the first learning activity day at Bolton School junior girls’ division.

Exciting activities tested the girls’ outdoor survival skills throughout the day.

The school’s field was transformed into a wilderness where the girls learned the basic skills of bushcraft.

They also identified leaves and trees and created a shelter out of tent fabric held together with ropes and stones.

Ruth Brierley, head of Bolton School junior girls, said: “As part of our provision for outdoor learning, the year three girls took part in an activity day, which comprised a variety of activities, including archery, orienteering, bushcraft and team-building games.

“The girls were led by instructors and even the wet weather did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm.

“This day of outdoor activities approaches learning from a different angle and is great fun.”

Other highlights included an introduction to orienteering, where a series of markers were found using a map of the school grounds and the navigation of a series of ropes strung between trees whilst blindfolded.

Zainab Yasar, aged eight, said: “The Patterdale taster day was such fun and we did archery, orienteering, bush craft and team-building.

"I learned that, if you work together, you can get things done quicker and you can come up with better ideas.

“Team-working was challenging, but it was my favourite activity. I also learned that building a tent is not as easy as you think and that there are lots of different kinds of trees.”

The learning activity day was designed as a precursor to trips to Patterdale Hall, the school’s residential adventure learning centre in the Lake District, which starts in year four.