A GRADUATE has been jailed for raiding an elderly couple’s home in his search for gold.

Aunees Malik, aged 28, was linked to a burglary at a home in Hulton Lane, Deane, after leaving blood at the scene, close to a smashed window.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Harji Ladva, who was aged 73 at the time, was woken by the sound of breaking glass at about midnight on June 23, 2011.

Richard Vardon, prosecuting, said Mr Ladva went on to the landing of his house, where he was met by two men in balaclavas on the stairs.

One burglar said: “Give me gold.”

He then threatened the pensioner with a clenched fist. The burglars fled empty-handed after Mr Ladva told them he had no gold.

The pensioner pulled the balaclava off the head of the man who threatened him, but he has not been traced by police.

Malik’s blood was found inside the home after the pair made off over a garden wall.

Ahmed Nadim, defending Malik, of Earlswood Walk, Great Lever, said he was the first member of his family to go university and had a degree in medical engineering.

Judge Elliot Knopf, sentencing, said: “To have one’s home invaded by smashing of glass and then being confronted by two men would have been extremely frightening.”

Malik, who admitted burglary, was jailed for two years and eight months.