A CAR crashed into a garden wall in Little Lever before the driver and two passengers fled.

A Volkswagen Golf hit a property in Mytham Road at about 3.30am on June 21.

Nobody inside the building was hurt but police are now trying to trace the car’s owner in a bid to find three people believed to have run away from the car after the incident.

A police spokesman said the car had caused extensive damage to the garden wall and hit the porch of the house, as well as clipping two parked cars.

Residents Peter and Judith Twentyman were upstairs in bed at the time of the incident, but their daughter Katie, aged 31, was downstairs after just returning from a party.

The car smashed into Mr Twentyman's car, which was then shunted into the house.
Bricks and concrete were also thrown into the front room and into the porch, by the impact of the crash.

Mrs Twentyman, aged 66, said: "I'm an insomniac so at that time I'm often in the front room watching TV.

"Thankfully I wasn't last night or I could've been killed.

"Katie had just come in from a party and was in the back room. It was a terrible shock for her."

Miss Twentyman saw the three men run off and believes they were in their 20s.

Both Mr Twentyman's car and his daughter's car were written off.