WHEN little Courtney Haslam found her local playground was full of glass and litter, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The six-year-old has written a letter to Bolton Council calling for Tonge Park to be cleaned up so that she can enjoy it with her friends.

The Tonge Moor Primary School pupil regularly uses the playground off Parkdale Road, but said it was "too dirty" to play in.

Courtney, of Le Gendre Street, said: “I wrote the letter because it’s got rubbish and litter everywhere.

“The swings are a little bit dirty and a bit broken too. They are not easy to play on.”

Mum Nicola Haslam said she was very proud Courtney had taken the initiative and decided to write to the council.

The 25-year-old said: “She just randomly sat down and said she wanted to write a letter about the state of the park. It’s filthy. It’s full of glass and there’s rubbish everywhere.

“She also put in the letter that there aren’t proper swings for the young children — the ones there are too big for her.

“I’m very proud of her. She’s very clever.”

Tonge Moor councillor Nick Peel, who is also in charge of environmental services at Bolton Council, said he was looking forward to reading Courtney’s letter when it arrives at the town hall.

He added: “It’s good that young people are taking an interest in their local environment, and thank you to Courtney for her letter.

“We are planning some refurbishments of Tonge Park, including replacing the multi-sports area and we are looking at doing a refurbishment of the children’s park to make it more presentable.

“It is a well used park, it’s very popular with children and adults and there are litter bin there — we would ask people to use them, so children don’t have to go and play in areas surrounded by litter.”