PILES of waste dumped on council-owned land in a secluded beauty spot has still not been cleared up nearly two months after concerned residents told the local authority about the problem.

Dozens of bags of waste, panes of glass and even a sofa are among the rubbish on land off Greenland Road in Farnworth.

Peter Brabin, who lives in Farnworth and regularly walks near the site, said he first notified the council about the waste on April 29.

The local authority said a contractor was due to remove the waste has let them down and insisted that it takes fly-tipping “seriously”.

Mr Brabin said: “I first saw the bags of rubbish which had been dumped in April, and it looks as if more has been left since.

“We are now in June and I cannot get it moved. I’m just getting nowhere with this.

“It’s a real problem and I have been trying to get something done about it.

“The stream runs a long way and could get polluted if nothing is done.

“It looks as if it is the same people both times because of the stuff that has been dumped.”

He added he was dissatisfied with the service he received from the council, after he was encouraged to stop ringing them.

Mr Brabin added: “Now the council has told me I have got to stop ringing them.

“I said to one of them, “come down and look for yourself”, and he just said he couldn’t.”

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “The fly-tip is due to be removed in the next few days.

“Unfortunately we were let down on a number of occasions by a contractor who was due to remove it.

“We take fly-tipping seriously and if we can ascertain who has dumped the waste we will issue fines or ultimately take them to court.”