LOLLIPOP men and women have been told they must report for work tomorrow – even though many of the schools in Bolton will be closed.

The affected workers, most of whom are not members of any union, have been told they must go to another location to avoid having their pay docked.

A Bolton Council spokesman said: “This is a national strike called by the main local government trade unions and by the National Union of Teachers.

“The strike is affecting many services provided by Bolton Council and has also led to some headteachers deciding to close schools.

“Anyone who isn’t a member of a union is expected to make themselves available for work and if their usual place of work is closed, alternative venues are available for them to report to.

"If they don’t make themselves available for work they will be deemed to have been on strike.”

It is understood some of the school crossing patrol workers will have to cross picket lines at Bolton Town Hall.