ROAD humps, speed limits and parking restrictions have been called for — to tackle “absolute chaos” on the streets of Blackrod.

Too many cars are parked outside Blackrod Health Centre in Church Street and Blackrod Primary School in Manchester Road for long periods, a meeting of Blackrod Town Council was told.

Cllr Graham Farrington described the village’s traffic situation as “absolute chaos”, saying that too many vehicles were left unattended outside shops.

He proposed that parking restriction signs be put up to stop drivers abandoning their vehicles for long periods.

He said: “Some people just park wherever they want in Blackrod and this is totally acceptable.

“Whenever I go to the car park at the doctor’s surgery, it’s absolutely full. People who use the surgery want somewhere to park, not to be held up all day long.

“I propose that we get some signs in the village saying ‘short stay only’.”

Cllr Farrington added: “Too many parking spaces outside shops in Blackrod are being taken up for long periods, meaning that people going shopping have nowhere to park.

“It’s not fair on the residents who live on the outskirts of the village who can’t get to the shops. There’s no excuse for it.” Cllr Stephen Laycock added: “These parking restriction signs must be enforced by Bolton Council, otherwise the problem of traffic congestion won’t be resolved.”

Cllrs Laycock and Farrington also said more traffic calming measures are needed on the main roads in Blackrod, particularly in Chorley Road and Manchester Road.

One resident, from Blackrod Community Group, who asked not to be named, said: “Cars go down Chorley Road far too fast. I’ve pointed this out to drivers and all I’ve got back is a load of abuse.

“I went to Heaton the other day and there were speed restriction signs and speed bumps there. Can’t there be something similar in Blackrod?”