HUGE overhanging trees are making Breightmet residents' lives a misery, they say.

Margaret Clemance and her husband William say the sycamore trees — at least three times the size of their bungalow in Deepdale Road — mean their garden is infested with squirrels and fencing has been damaged.

They say they have to turn the lights in the kitchen on during the day because the sun is blocked by the trees, while workmen had to change the position of a satellite dish to try and get TV reception.

Mrs Clemance, aged 54, said they and next-door neighbour Joyce York are at their wits’ end.

She added: “There are nuts dropping all down the back garden, and we get squirrels all over the place.

“I can’t plant anything in the back garden because they’re ruining the ground.

“We’ve been fobbed off from one person to another, with people promising ‘yes we’ll get someone up’ but they don’t sort it.”

The couple live in a Bolton At Home property, but the trees are on a neighbouring private property.

Mrs Clemance said they had tried to communicate to the occupier on numerous occasions but to no avail. A Bolton At Home spokesman said they would co-ordinate with Bolton Council and ask someone to visit the property to assess the trees and what they could do.

A spokesman for the association added: “As we understand it, these particular trees aren’t on Bolton at Home property.

“However, now that we have been made aware of a potential problem, we are arranging to inspect the trees and advise Mrs Joyce of any action required.

“Any action taken would depend on the tree species, any potential damage to property, or if the trees present a safety risk, for example if they are damaged or falling down.”