DEVASTATED neighbours have called for action to be taken on a “danger” road after a motorcyclist was killed when he crashed into a tree.

The biker, named locally as 42-year-old Michael Mok, died after he lost control of his blue Suzuki motorbike while riding in Frederick Street, Farnworth, at about 3.30pm on Sunday, and crashed into a tree on the corner of Westwood Close.

Mr Mok suffered severe head and neck injuries.

Witnesses and neighbours desperately tried to save him but he was declared dead at the scene.

An area has now been set aside to allow local people to pay tribute to Mr Mok and several bouquets of flowers have already been laid.

People living in the area are now calling for safety measures to be introduced in Frederick Street, an issue they have raised at council meetings before.

Brian Craven, aged 79, who lives in nearby Spindle Croft said: “We have asked several times for give-way bays to be introduced but told it can’t happen because ambulances need to get through.

“God knows how many fence panels have been broken along Frederick Street from vehicles crashing into them.

“But the police said there haven’t been enough accidents to make them bring in measures — why do we have to wait for an accident?” Ryan Yarrow, aged 72, lives next door to Mr Craven.

He said: “I suggested we put a barrier right across the road, to make it two cul-de-sacs and stop people using it as a cut-through.

“Something has to be done.”

Another local resident, David McMullen, aged 29, said: “I reckon they should block the road completely.”

Farnworth councillor Noel Spencer said he wanted to express his “sincere condolences” to the family of Mr Mok.

He added: “This is of course a very serious accident and we will certainly be looking to see if anything can be done to prevent further incidents.”