HORWICH should cut ties with Bolton and join up with neighbouring Chorley, according to a local resident.

Mick Stevens made his argument for the town moving boroughs at a meeting of Horwich Town Council.

He said: “I would like you to consider leaving Bolton and joining Chorley, I think it would be better for us, all we are getting now is built on.

"For a council made up of Labour and Liberal councillors, we don’t seem to be getting anything from Europe. As far as I know Chorley apply for everything from Europe.”

Mr Steven’s comments follow news that Chorley is taking steps to leave Lancashire County Council and go it alone as a unitary authority.

A meeting was recently held between borough leaders and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles to discuss the idea and a referendum could take place as early as next May.

Mr Stevens said that Horwich could benefit from joining Chorley if this goes ahead.

He said: “I would like us to consider this move, now that Chorley are looking to break away from Lancashire. The question is, would it be better for us to leave Bolton and be with Chorley instead?

"I think the answer is yes. There is no money coming into Horwich, we are not benefiting from all the building that is happening here.”

Responding to the suggestion, town council leader, Cllr Kevin McKeon said: “I think it is important to remember that this is a town council, within a district council.

“Were we to join up with Chorley, we would again be in the same situation as a town council within a majority council.”

The request comes after fitness industry supplier ServiceSport UK, which had been based in Bolton since it was founded in 1998, moved into bigger premises in the Chorley North Industrial park.

It was one of the first firms to move to Chorley since the Choose Chorley for Business campaign was started with the lighting of Rivington Pike, which borders Horwich and Chorley.