STAFF at a pizzeria have cracked open the Prosecco after boosting their hygiene rating from just one to four.

The Bolton News reported in April that Angelo’s Pizzeria and Cafe Bar in Blackburn Road, Egerton, had been awarded just one star for food hygiene — a rating the business’s owner felt was harsh.

Angelo Guido, said he is now delighted the premises was given a four-star rating at the next available opportunity.

At the time of the one-star rating, Mr Guido said he felt the food hygiene inspector had chosen to “pick on little things” but vowed to improve.

After the improved rating, he said: “I was very pleased with the latest result and everyone on the staff is happy too — we are a family restaurant and we are all happy.

“The level one rating seemed to be mainly to do with the books, so that is my fault — they wanted to see everything in black and white and maybe I wasn’t writing everything down that they wanted, because of how busy we were.”

“They told us to sort the books out and to do a few other things like sort out the kitchen and store room so we did.”

Mr Guido said that following the poor rating, he told his staff members to “step up” to make sure it never happens again.

He added: “I had to put my foot down a little bit — just to make sure that people are doing their job all of the time.”

The 61-year old was born in Italy and moved to the UK when he was aged 21.

He has been a head chef for 40 years and owned the Egerton restaurant for the past 27 months.

Mr Guido said: “This place is my life and I am here seven days a week. We are a friendly, clean, family restaurant that serves regional Italian food.

“We are very confident of keeping a good hygiene score in the future.”