A PLAY re-enacting the horrors of war and a poppy-making workshop formed part of a two-day event marking the centenary of World War One.

More than 200 residents marked the 100th anniversary of the conflict.

Bolton at Home residents from five Hall i’th’ Wood community groups held a range of events including poppy making, a World War One exhibition and a re-enactment performed by Dramatic Action.

People were also given the opportunity to research their ancestry and enjoy story-telling, face-painting and a visit from the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment.

Ernest Matthews, aged 87, delivered a variety of monologues and sang “When the Poppies Bloom Again” to residents.

Mr Matthews said: “The Great War was very sad, no doubt about it, but it’s fascinated me all my life.

“My father was a sergeant and we had a photo of him in uniform on a wall in our family home. When I’ve seen what the resident groups have done for our community to be able to come together to recognise the centenary together, I feel proud.”

Christine Fitton, UCAN project officer for Bolton at Home, co-ordinated the project with Caroline Lamprey and Val Hulme from Bolton at Home’s customer involvement team.

Ms Fitton said: “I was aware that there was no cross-over between our different community groups and I wanted to bring them together to learn about and support each other. What better way than to work on a project to commemorate the centenary. It’s been excellent to see everyone working closely together with a common goal.

“It’s given everyone the chance to share ideas and draw on different strengths to put together what has been a fantastic commemoration of those who fought in World War One.”

Hall i’ th’ Wood Wonder Woman Group, Hall i’ th’ Wood Community and Environment Group, Needles and Pins Knitting Group, Greenway Community Group, and Hall i’ th’ Wood Pram Club were the groups involved in the project.