THE Conservative candidate who will face Bolton North East MP David Crausby at the 2015 general election has been selected.

James Daly, a councillor in Bury, will run to be the new Member of Parliament in May.

The solicitor and father-of-two, who is the deputy leader of the Bury Conservatives and councillor for North Manor Ward, said if elected he would focus on the needs of the community in north Bolton.

He said: “I want to be in a position as an MP to make the Bolton north east community a better place.

“I think as an MP you can help people in numerous ways — I will be going into the cafes, go to the clubs and community groups and speak to people to see what would help them.

“In areas like Bolton North East there are a lot of people from different backgrounds, and I want to be able to represent each of them all equally and to the best of my ability.”

Cllr Daly joins prospective parliamentary candidate Chris Green, who will stand for the Conservatives against Julie Hilling in Bolton West.

No announcement has been made for who will run for the Liberal Democrats and UKIP in Bolton north east.

Cllr Daly has been a member of the Conservatives since he was a teenager, and said he thinks the values of the party help create a better society.

He added: “I honestly believe the principles that made me join the Conservatives are those that give everybody the best possible chance to succeed, to prosper, to a have a positive and better life.

“I am the governor of three schools and the chairman of governors at a nursery, and I see firsthand how important it is to give children from the poorest backgrounds the chance to access the educational opportunities to allow them to get the jobs they want and succeed in life.

“I fundamentally believe in lower taxation — I believe that wealth creation comes from allowing people to spent their own money — and I don’t believe in a big state.

“The problem with Labour is their default position is state control, and control from the centre — I think people should be set free.”

The ward of Bolton north east covers the town centre.

Cllr Daly added: “This is a crucial time for the town on a number of issues over the next few years, and the town needs representatives who are going to stand up for Bolton north east.”

.A Conservative candidate has not yet been selected for Bolton south east.