THE search is on for a generous stranger who left a £10 note and a heartfelt message hidden behind a pack of nappies in Asda.

The note was found on Sunday by a couple who were buying the pull-up nappies for their three-year-old — and they also have another baby on the way.

It is thought it is not the first time a note and gift has been left in the Middlebrook store.

The note reads: "Dear finder, this is a gift from the universe. May your life be filled with health, wealth, and happiness. Love and Peace."

Eight-month pregnant mum-of-one Graziella Messina said: "The lady or man who have thought to do something like this need to be thanked."

Mrs Messina and her husband moved to the UK from Sicily two years ago.

At first they struggled to get jobs in Manchester, but after six months, finally found work in Horwich and settled there.

The 37-year-old added: "It is not about the money — for us it was the message.

"From the beginning it was really, really hard. When we moved here, there were no jobs or prospects and we stayed at our friend's house for the first six months.

"Things got better and we moved here so there is a special meaning on that note for us.

"When you come from another country and see pictures of all your friends and family back home, sometimes you get the blues. Then something special happens to make you want to stay. This was one of those things.

"Those kind messages are the kind of things that keep you going on.

"The person who left the note might not want to be named. I'm not looking for a name if they don't want to be known, but they might want to know that we are grateful to them and for the note."

Mrs Messina said the note was "full of love" and has helped her as she goes through her pregnancy.

She added that her husband was told by staff that it was not the first time such a note had been found.

She said: "Maybe some other people have found those notes, they are lovely.

"The north of England is a very friendly place, they are like us in the south of Italy.

"The whole community is very, very friendly. It was hard for us when we moved to find a community and friends.

"But if you go to a supermarket or school people try to help you even if we are not very fluent in the language, they make you feel comfortable.

"These things happen just in England — you would not find it back in Italy."

* Have you found one of these notes — or do you know the identity of the mysterious stranger?