AN ANGRY resident claims people are resorting to dumping their household rubbish in bins at bus stops because the controversial slim bins do not hold enough waste.

HGV driver Clive Taylor, from Astley Bridge, sent The Bolton News a picture of an overspilling bin in Vernon Street and says it has become a common sight around the town since the streamlined bins were introduced last year.

And he says long queues for the tip on Raikes Lane are another sign the bins are not fit for purpose.

He said: “Every bus stop here you see piles of rubbish, especially at the weekend. I am an HGV driver, so go all over the place and see these things.”

He believes if the problem goes unaddressed it could result in a public health hazard.

“It is going to cause a rat infestation,” he said. “Rats are going to start feeding out of bins if there is food waste in them, because there are no lids on them — especially when summer is here and it starts to smell.

“Of course it creates a public health problem, but the council says it is saving a fortune.

“All they have done is pass the buck to the public, who have to go to the tip every week because they can’t manage with these bins. Irresponsible people can’t be bothered queueing for the tip, so they dump it down some side road. The council has created its own problem, but won’t admit it.”

A spokesman for Bolton Council said people were adapting well to the new bins since they were rolled out between June and November last year.

In a statement the council added: “Residents have adapted well to the new slim grey bins and the changes have significantly increased the amount of waste we collect for recycling. There will always be some residents and businesses that dispose of waste irresponsibly and this will not be tolerated by the council. Advice and support is available for residents.”