WHO on earth was this week’s guest star on Car Share?

Last night's episode saw John and Kayleigh return to the screen for series two, episode two of Peter Kay’s award-winning comedy.

But while episode one's special appearance was instantly recognisable as Elbow singer, Guy Garvey, this week’s took a bit more guesswork.

Broadcast at 9pm on BBC One, it saw John doing his best to deflect the unwanted affections of a colleague while driving home from an office fancy dress do.

Unfortunately for John, those affections didn't come via Kayleigh; but Elsie – a fellow worker who’d dressed up as a blue Smufette for the party.

We asked you to guess who the star was, giving you the clue that he was more often found snooping about in King’s Landing.

Plenty of you got in touch - and some said that they'd only realised who it was after watching the credits at the end of the episode.

It was, of course, Conleth Hill. The Northern Irish actor plays Varys AKA 'The Master of Whisperers' or, 'The Spider' in fantasy series, Game of Thrones. 

Well done to those who guessed his identity - he looked a lot different dressed as a blue smurfette!

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