SPRINGTIME may be well under way but don't hang up your coat and scarf just yet - frost and wintry conditions are likely to soon be back with us in Bolton.

Met Office forecasters have said the current run of cold nights will continue with a plunge in temperatures expected next week.

The national weather service said that central and northern Britain were likely to experience frost on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

And the icy conditions are likely to be ‘reasonably widespread’ across the south of the country on Sunday night.

Into next week much colder conditions are expected to bring wintry weather to northern hills, with further bouts of frost in places with clear skies.

Tim Legg, a member of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, said: “The low incidence of frosts across the UK last month may have lulled gardeners into a false sense of security as frosts will continue to feature prominently in the forecast for the next few days.

“Springtime frosts are a particular threat to gardeners who will be concerned about the impacts on tender plants.”

It comes in stark contrast to last month which was the most frost-free March since 1998, with only 11 days of Frost.

England had fewer air frosts than in any other March since records of air frost began in 1961.