IN response to Eric Hyland’s letter, (“Letter was not fair minded” May 15) which I find rather patronising, Mr Hyland is pompous in his indignations that the Bolton News actually had the audacity to publish a letter which criticised Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The extreme left for no good reason is exceedingly quick off the mark to spew out its rhetoric toward right-wing politicians and members of the public who don’t buy into their ideologies.Those of us who voted for Brexit, where labelled as “racists” and “little Englanders” by Diane Abbott.

The truth hurts doesn’t it Mr Hyland? When it was pointed out by the previous correspondent that Jeremy Corbyn in the past had publicly expressed his support for Hamas, calling them “friends”, but I also think that it is important also to point out that just a couple of weeks ago he publicly refused, when asked, to condemn these terrorist organisations and their activities exclaiming that he would like to keep in close contact with them.

The Labour leader has also expressed his support for convicted IRA murderers and also just recently described Martin McGuiness as a “friend” and “a great family man”.

Corbyn has well and truly laid bare his misanthropic tendencies toward the British people by publicly stating that he will not authorise the armed forces to defend the country against attack by a foreign power, such as authorising the deployment of nuclear weapons, leaving the UK wide open to coercion. He would also introduce crippling and draconian taxes that will hit the less well of hardest and ultimately destroy the economy

I find Jeremy Corbyn’s rantings obnoxious and I predict the vast majority of the British public will also come to the same conclusion come the General Election.

Stuart A Chapman