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LIVE: Theresa May visits Bolton MBDA missile facility as Conservatives launch manifesto

Last updated:

    - Tory leader visits Bolton on day party launch their manifesto
  • - Manifesto pledges big changes on social care
  • - 0.5 per cent MOD budget increase among promises
  • - PM tours MBDA missile site at Logistics North, Over Hulton


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leftwing80 2:13pm Thu 18 May 17
Labour are doomed. Where has Compo Corbyn been hiding ?
Score: 1
wehli kuri Replying leftwing80 5:46pm Thu 18 May 17
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Score: 0
theboltonwanderer 2:19pm Thu 18 May 17
Can't tell us where she's going? Ah, I see, carefully selected guests, and pre-approved questions again!
Score: 7
leftwing80 Replying theboltonwanderer 2:40pm Thu 18 May 17
At least she turned up in Bolton (twice). PS. Compo Corbyn are hand picked meetings and all been attended by their own supporters. We watch TV also. Thanks for coming.

Last edited: 5:26pm Thu 18 May 17

Score: 6
theboltonwanderer Replying leftwing80 2:46pm Thu 18 May 17
I hope that you have a TV license :)
Score: 1
leftwing80 Replying theboltonwanderer 3:09pm Thu 18 May 17
That stupid comment tells me you have no answer for any sensible in defence retort back. Thanks for coming.
Score: 4
theboltonwanderer Replying leftwing80 3:15pm Thu 18 May 17
My pleasure leftwing80, I aim to please :) Although what are you trying to say? You may wish to read it back and start again and at least give me half a chance
Score: 0
leftwing80 Replying theboltonwanderer 3:26pm Thu 18 May 17
When you lost the debate change the subject dont work with me chump.
Score: 1
theboltonwanderer Replying leftwing80 3:28pm Thu 18 May 17
I will debate anytime with you leftwing80. Looking at the majority of your posts shouldn't have to break too much of a sweat ;)
Score: 0
leftwing80 Replying theboltonwanderer 3:33pm Thu 18 May 17
Corbyns hand picked audiences ?
Score: 2
IvanCamposHair Replying leftwing80 3:11pm Thu 18 May 17
Shes spent more time here than the actual local Tory candidate by the looks of it! He likes to hang out in Oldham, he loves the place. Or Huddersfield. Or Bury. Anywhere but Bolton for Bolton North East Tory candidate.
Score: 3
Jeremy Corbyn's new rose tinted glasses and blinkers for loyal Liebore muppets. Replying theboltonwanderer 5:30pm Thu 18 May 17
You really are a numpty, she is the Prime Minister. For security reasons, they cannot give out here location.
Score: 1
carolesfriend 2:33pm Thu 18 May 17
theboltonwanderer... .. Claims to have an MBA/PhD yet can't write in basic English with the correct grammar.No doctor I know would use a comma with the word and next to each other.We all know who the liar of these pages is now don't we? And yes its a question mark when asking a question.
Score: 1
theboltonwanderer Replying carolesfriend 2:45pm Thu 18 May 17
"And yes its a question mark when asking a question" - it is a question mark! (it's) - if you're going to scrutinize then at least get it right!! I don't suppose you get the chance to meet many doctors do you? Grammar doesn't have to be my strong point, mathematics & nuclear physics on the other hand....

Last edited: 2:52pm Thu 18 May 17

Score: 0
carolesfriend Replying theboltonwanderer 2:55pm Thu 18 May 17
Sounds like you're more of an expert in bull to me
Score: 2
theboltonwanderer Replying carolesfriend 2:57pm Thu 18 May 17
Takes one to know one carolesfriend :)
Score: 0
VogonYeltz Replying theboltonwanderer 2:59pm Thu 18 May 17
Why not add bullshi**ing to your C.V. you sad act.
Score: 2
theboltonwanderer Replying VogonYeltz 3:00pm Thu 18 May 17
Thank you VogonYeltz, I wasn't aware that you're a careers adviser. It's fine as it is, but thanks anyway :)
Score: 0
carolesfriend Replying VogonYeltz 3:18pm Thu 18 May 17
He wouldn't know his protons from his neutrons even If he called himself Dr Higgs Boson
Score: 1
theboltonwanderer Replying carolesfriend 3:21pm Thu 18 May 17
Wow, you're so clued up! We should get together sometime, maybe over a coffee and we can discuss some of the future experiments that are planned for the collider :)
Score: 0
Itsnotthatbad 2:46pm Thu 18 May 17
She's welcome to mine anytime for a cup of tea! I live in Heaton and I will be voting for Chris Green!! We will be triumphant and Tories are the only true genuine party to help us become great again. Maybe she should pop in and have a word with Cliff, and ask how he can look in the mirror, knowing he's destroyed our town..
Score: 3
IvanCamposHair Replying Itsnotthatbad 3:19pm Thu 18 May 17
Is it warm up her backside. Have some self respect.
Score: 1
Itsnotthatbad Replying IvanCamposHair 4:26pm Thu 18 May 17
Got plenty of self and plenty for others, hence why I champion her values. May has far surpassed expectations when Wimpy Cameron jumped ship and I beleive the only person credible enough to deliver a safe and beneficial brexit. Corbyn on the other hand wants to go back to spending money that isn't there. toodle pip
Score: 2
Jason Coleridge 3:03pm Thu 18 May 17
Treeza ya gammy-legged, old nutter! get back to your pit down South, you're not welcome here! this town is red, and always will be!
Score: 2
Jeremy Corbyn's new rose tinted glasses and blinkers for loyal Liebore muppets. Replying Jason Coleridge 5:49pm Thu 18 May 17
Funny really because, all through history and nature, the colour red means danger. Blue on the other hand means life and tranquility. Also, as one part of Bolton, that doesn't have a high level of immigrants and block voting, is actually blue. Hmm, so, Bolton isn't and hasn't always been red. Kind of blows your daft theory out of the water, doesn't it?
Score: 0
Keeper of the Peace Replying Jeremy Corbyn's new rose tinted glasses and blinkers for loyal Liebore muppets. 9:09pm Thu 18 May 17
Stop smoking high grade skunk?
Score: 0
electric/circus Replying Jason Coleridge 4:21pm Fri 19 May 17
nicely said
Score: 0
smileybeans 3:12pm Thu 18 May 17
Tell her to check with the registrars, before she sends out her next mail shot. That way, she can save the taxpayer money by actually sending her 'personal letters' to people who are still alive!! #DisgruntledNeverGon naVote4u!!.com#
Score: 1
Peaceful Majority 4:59pm Thu 18 May 17
Bolton North East Tory candidate, James Daly, said: "It was brilliant to see the Prime Minister visiting the MBDA facility and supporting high value jobs and prosperity in the town. "It is disappointing that Jeremy Corbyn has not visited any business in Bolton during this campaign and that is in complete contrast to the Prime Minister."
Score: 0
eyejaysea 7:41pm Thu 18 May 17
Score: 0
electric/circus 4:19pm Fri 19 May 17
Mrs may said on the one show. that she was brought up in vicarage.what could she learn from that.she also said she had a very stable upbringing.well with her savage cuts to benefits,school funding.hospitals,ec t, how many children will have very unstable start to there lifes.and society pays for it somewhere down the road.tory's like to dish out medicine
Score: 0

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