AN 85-year-old woman, pushed to the ground by a mugger who stole her purse, was left with blood pouring from a head wound.

Staff at a nearby beauty salon, passers-by and a builder rushed to help the victim and have launched a fundraising campaign for her.

The pensioner was in Nut Street, off Halliwell Road, when she heard footsteps.

A robber grabbed her from behind and pushed her to the ground. She hit her head and blacked out as the man ran off with her bag.

A nearby builder helped her into the Brown Cow Salon, in Halliwell Road, where staff took care of her and called an ambulance and police.

The victim’s bag was found less than 200 yards away with all of the contents, apart from a purse which contained £95.

The victim had been to Bury and was making her way home when she was attacked.

The ambulance took her to hospital where a gash on the back of her head was stitched.

A family member said the victim was left ‘shaken, fragile and scared’ and is now resting at home.

The woman could not describe the man because he came from behind but in the split second before she fell did see that he was ‘short and stocky’.

Staff at the Brown Cow salon have now started a collection to replace the cash that was stolen.

Salon manager, Katie Clarke, said: “We got her in the salon and somebody called an ambulance.

“It was awful, the back of her head was pouring with blood, it was really bad.

“Two young kids and their mum saw her in the street. They said that they thought she had fallen and then they saw the rest of the back of her head.

“We had a quick scan of the area and saw her bag, so told the police.

“She lost her purse that had £95 in it. We’ve started a collection. People who have been coming in have been donating. I think we already have got £120.”

Police confirmed they were called to Halliwell Road, to reports of a robbery at about 12.30pm on Wednesday.

They are investigating the incident and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.