A COUPLE returned home from a holiday to find their dining room table shattered.

Mo and Steph Johnson came home from their break in Spain in May, to find their glass-topped table had shattered.

Mrs Johnson, of Montgomery Way, Bradley Fold, said they could not understand how the damage had happened.

The financial advisor said: “At the time there was absolutely no explanation for what had happened.

“The table was in bits across the dining room table but we just couldn’t understand how it happened.

“Our first thoughts were that someone had thrown something through the window but they weren’t damaged.

“The light fittings were all intact and everything else was untouched.”

Earlier this week it was widely reported that tables sold by Argos and Asda had been exploding in the sunshine.

Mrs Johnson added: “It’s only since we’ve seen that other people’s glass tables have been shattering in the sunlight, that we realised that’s what must have happened here.

“We had glass tea lights on the window sill and they’re all fine but we assume the sunshine must have reflected off the mirror onto the table.

“I remember friends posting about how hot it was during the last weekend in May when we were away.

“It’s lucky it didn’t explode when we were there or eating around it. It’s worrying to think it could happen to other people.”

A B&Q spokesman said: “We have contacted Mrs Johnson to look into this further.”