VILLAGERS fear that the problem of ‘horrendous’ speeding near their homes could lead to someone being killed.

They say that dangerous driving and motorists using residential streets to race each other could result in tragic consequences.

Potential blackspots identified by residents include Ainsworth Road and Radcliffe Road.

The issue came to the fore at the Darcy Lever and Little Lever Area Forum, held at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School, Redcar Road, on Monday evening.

The meeting gives residents the opportunity to raise concerns with ward councillors, council officers and police.

John Boyle, from Little Lever, told the meeting of his experiences of dangerous driving near his home.

He said: “I live just on the edge of Ainsworth Road, they will be doing at least 50mph and slamming their breaks on at the crossroads close to Tesco.

“Obviously there’s not much you can do about it, but it comes back to needing a sleeping policeman and allocating four or five yards before the junction.”

Fellow Ainsworth Road resident Rob Fitzsimmons agreed that the issue needed to be dealt with.

He said:” It’s horrendous and someone - some child - is going to die without a shadow of a doubt.”

Resident Natalie Worthington added: “It’s actually the same on Radcliffe Road, they drag race along there, but there’s not one signpost to say what the speed limit is.

“People think it’s the national speed limit .

“I contacted the council and they said that until someone has an accident they can’t do anything.

Ward councillors said their information backed up residents’ fears.

Cllr Sean Hornby added told the meeting: “We had a traffic count on there and the average speed limit is 56 mph we have asked for details for individual speeds as well.

“There are quite a few cars driving at 30 mph but it’s alarming the amount of vehicles that were speeding.”

Sergeant Alex Metcalfe urged residents to report all instances of speeding

He said: “– If you keep providing us with regular names, dates and times that gives us sufficient information to go to speak to the driver of the car and warn them with a section 59 and if it happens again we can take the car off them.”