REALITY television star Erica Hurst is looking forward to a new arrival in the New Year - her first child.

The 23-year-old, who appeared on the BBC show Castaway earlier this year, is six months pregnant.

Erica, who married husband Matthew Williams just weeks before appearing on the programme, is absolutely delighted that she is to become a mother.

She said: "Matthew is over-the-moon about it because he's wanted kids since he met me, and I'm really pleased as well.

"When you've been through something like Castaway you realise what's important and I couldn't have done it without Matthew and my family."

Since being voted off Castaway in May - three months after first arriving on New Zealand's Great Barrier Island - animal-lover Erica has been whisked off to a surprise romantic honeymoon to Mexico, where she swam with dolphins.

The former lapdancer, who grew up in Kearsley, admits she has been offered television and magazine work but says her experience on the remote island has put her off a career in the media for good.

Erica, who now works as a clerical officer for Bolton Primary Care Trust, lost two stone while on the island and came back weighing just six stone.

She claimed the camera crew would openly eat in front of the them while they were being forced to survive on "chicken feed" and were reduced to catching insects to eat. She was also annoyed at the way the footage had been edited to add controversy.

Erica, of Barrow Bridge Road, Barrow Bridge, said: "I've done it now, but it's definitely not something I would do again. I thought it would be really spontaneous, but we were just sat around feeling hungry. You would be sat watching people eat, or the crew playing with their kids on the beach.

"It was just existing really. I was really shocked by the editing and a lot of things were taken out of context."

Erica remains in touch with several fellow contestants and admits she would love to move abroad.

She said: "After Castaway I know I don't want to live in England, but obviously we won't be moving anywhere until the baby is older."