WHITES star Kevin Davies has hit back at fans who took the mickey after he admitted burning his Pop Tarts on Twitter.

Davies was flooded with cookery advice from his 26,000 followers after he posted a comment on the microblogging website saying: “Cannot believe i have burnt another pop tart!!”

Some of his followers questioned his intelligence and the nutritional value of his breakfast — suggesting that perhaps Pop Tarts had no place in the diet of a professional footballer.

Davies responded yesterday morning by saying: “Need to clear the pop tart incident up!! i did put it in for half the time of a slice of toast and they are not part of my regular diet!!!!!”

The centre forward had originally asked for advice on how not to burn Pop Tarts, even posting a picture of his Dualit toaster on the site.

He said: “Says on the Pop Tart box to use lowest heat setting — who has a heat settings on a toaster!!?? My toaster just has a timer?!”

Davies said he wanted to try the Strawberry Sensation flavour Pop Tarts instead of toast because he liked the smell and wanted to “funk it up a bit”.

One fan, Bglendenning, said: “Reduce the time. You’re not doing much to enhance the reputation of footballers.”

They added: “Besides, have pop tarts any real place in the digestive tract of a top athlete?

Have some broccoli instead.”

A less helpful suggestion from Vickipsych said: “Are you sure you put it in the toaster....oh Kev, for goodness sake! That’s the tumble dryer!”

One Spurs fan even offered to send Davies a new toaster if he promised to stop scoring goals against his team.