IT just gets better and better — those were the words of Vice- Chancellor Dr George Holmes as three days of celebrations at the University of Bolton came to a close.

The degree ceremonies ended as students graduated — and remarkable people with a link to Bolton were honoured.

Honorary Doctorates were bestowed on David Kaye, president of Wingates Band; Tony Keating, who is hoping to unveil the Keating Bolt, the world’s fastest production car aiming to reach more than 300 miles per hour; and Professor Peter Simons.

Prof Peter Simons was an early contributor to the development of degree programmes at Bolton Institute.

Mr Kaye, who saved Wingates Band from closure, said: “This is the spiritual home of Wingates Band, which performs on this stage, and now to receive this honour on the same stage makes it incredibly emotional.

“I could scarcely believe it when I was chosen. I am a Boltonian through and through and it is a great privilege to have perpetuated, in a small way, some of history.”

Mr Keating received his doctorate before returning later the same day to join students and receive his MBA. He said: “It is out of this world to be honoured this way.

“This is not just for me but for the whole team.”

Professor Simons has taught at universities in Austria, the USA and Switzerland.

He said: “It is wonderful and so unexpected, I am very pleased. I put it on Facebook and have received many congratulations.”

Vice-Chancellor Dr George Holmes said: “The university just gets better and better. We have had 2,762 attending the ceremonies over the three days.”