A DRUG dealer who was arrested with more than £50,000 of drugs in his possession has been unable to pay anything back under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Mohammed Amin, who was jailed for four years and eight months, was back in front of Bolton Crown Court yesterday.

But attempts to recover assets from the 24-year-old were futile as Amin had used any money he gained through drug dealing to fund his own drugs habit.

A total of £683 found on Amin, of Water’s Edge, Farnworth, when he was arrested in January will be used as part-payment towards the £52,000 determined to be the proceeds of crime.

Staff at the Britannia Hotel in Beaumont Road, Lostock , found drugs in Amin’s hotel room on January 5.

His parents were oblivious to their son’s criminal lifestyle — he had booked a room at the Britannia Hotel in Beaumont Road, Lostock for three nights and returned each evening to his family.

Amin used the hotel room as a base from where he could package drugs in order to pay off a £6,000 debt, the court heard.

It was a cleaner at the hotel who discovered drugs in his room after finding a black drawstring bag at the back of the fridge. The bag contained £23,000- worth of cocaine and £8,820 worth of heroin.

A further £13,033- worth of heroin was discovered in a satchel and a search of his car uncovered £2,100- worth of heroin, as well as 25 wraps of cocaine worth £840.

Following Amin’s latest appearance in court, Tony Wood, finance investigator for Bolton, said: “His only available asset was the money seized when he was arrested.

“All other monies made from his criminality went to fund his own drugs habit.”

Should he acquire assets at any time in the future, Amin can be taken back to court and those assets removed.