THERE is an app for almost everything these days — from finding out what is happening in the neighbourhood to the best places to eat.

And now if you want to find out all there is to know about a primary school — there is an app for that too.

Eagley Infant School in Bromley Cross is thought to have become the first primary in the borough to have launched a smartphone app so parents, staff, pupils and the community can keep up with the latest developments at the school on their phone.

The move follows a similar plan by Harper Green high school in Farnworth, which became one of the first in the country to create its own app.

The idea of the school apps is to keep the community up-to-date with the latest news from the school on their mobile phone.

Eagley headteacher Cathryn Antwis said: “We are the first primary school in Bolton to have the this app made for us, although we have introduced to to several other schools and they will be following along shortly.

“We decided to have the app designed as we are always trying to find new ways to enable our families to access information about school.

“We already use a texting service, but as more and more of our families use smartphones an app seemed the logical next step.

“Feedback so far from parents using the app has been very positive and we are actively encouraging more to download it for free.”

The app currently features a school calendar, news and contact sections but more will be added as the app develops.

Mrs Antwis added: “This month there will be an upgrade allowing users to be able to cache all the information to their phone when using broadband at home to save them using mobile data when they are out and about, and there will be notifications when information on the app is updated.”