A DRUNKEN teenager launched a “volatile”

attack on a police officer on her 18th birthday, a court heard.

Danielle Scholes, of Heywood Street in Little Lever, admitted damaging a policeman’s glasses, which cost £250, and assaulting PC Ford on December 16 last year.

Howard Sloane, prosecuting, said police were called to her boyfriend’s home in Bolton after an argument where her partner’s mother asked her to leave. Scholes refused to leave when the police officer asked her, Bolton Crown Court heard, and became “volatile and aggressive”. She was going to be arrested for breaching the peace but then punched the officer in his face, snatched his glasses, grabbed him around the mouth and kicked him to the chest.

He suffered discomfort after the attack.

Daxa Kanda, defending, said it was Scholes’ birthday and she had been drinking with her boyfriend before there was an argument about money.

The words of District Judge Jonathan Finestein during sentencing had to be translated to Scholes through a sign language expert as she has hearing problems.

He said: “It is quite apparent that drink has got you into trouble in the past and has done so on this occasion.

“You are not the first person before the court for this sort of behaviour and I have no doubt you will not be the last person before the court for drinking too much.

Sadly the impact of this sort of behaviour, in this case on the police, and sometimes the ambulance service is extremely distressing.

“I hope you have learned your lesson because the police have a job to do.”

Scholes was sentenced to a six-month community order which will educate her about alcohol.

She was ordered to pay £325 compensation to the officer, a £60 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.