A SCHOOL's plan to build a six-classroom extension looks set to be given the green light.

Blackrod Primary School's application is for a two-storey extension at the rear of the school, which would be linked to the building via a single-storey corridor.

The plans will go before Bolton Council's planning committee on Thursday, and have been recommended for approval by the authority's planning office.

The planned extension comes after Bolton Council increased the number of pupils going into reception from 30 to 45 last year following a record demand for places, caused by a rising birth rate and the closure of Scot Lane End Primary in 2008.

This increase means the school in Manchester Road will grow from 210 to 315 pupils over the next four years.

The proposal was backed by Blackrod Town Council and Cllr John Price recently described the potential growth as a 'win-win situation'.

He added: "It is obviously what Blackrod needs. It will help stop Blackrod children being allocated spaces outside the village."