THIRTEEN is proving to be a lucky number for husband and wife team Andy and Deborah Stanworth.

The pair have been running Lancashire Hose and Fittings at Halliwell Business Park for 13 years, and are enjoying their best ever trading figures.

The firm specialises in making hydraulic hoses and fittings for different vehicles and has been growing at a steady five per cent a year until 2013.

“We had our best every year by an absolute mile in 2013,” said Mr Standworth, aged 43, a former Withins High School pupil .

“We grew 20 per cent last year and we are on course for bettering that this year.

“Our last three months have been the best we have ever had.”

Mr Stanworth and 47-year-old Mrs Stanworth, who attended Hayward Grammar School, are proud of their status as a family business.

Their daughter Laura’s long term partner, Conrad Greensmith, aged 24, is the workshop manager.

In turn, he has brought his best friend, Kiefer Beckett, on board in a part-time role.

Mr and Mrs Stanworth are keen motorbikers and Mr Stanworth likes helping out fellow bikers with bespoke hose fittings when they need them.

Meanwhile, the firm is starting to think about relocating to bigger premises as their business grows.

“We are rapidly running out of space here,” said Mrs Stanworth, who carries out the company’s secretarial duties.

“We would like to stay at Halliwell Business Park and there is a building near here which is set for redevelopment which we have our eye on, but we’ll see what happens.”