A LEADING Yorkshire pudding and pancake mix company is seeing significant growth in business since it struck a deal with another Bolton delivery firm to support the company’s own fleet of vehicles.

Halliwell-based AMKO Foods is operating a new contract with delivery firm APC Nexday Overnite which is based in Manchester Road.

AMKO, based at Halliwell Mills, Bertha Street, makes and sells a range of suets and about 40 barbecue spices, beef dripping, dumpling and doughball mixes, Yorkshire pudding mixes and pancake and stuffing mixes.

The company also delivers a range of other products, including jams, biscuits and cakes. Its products are available for sale from butchers and farm shops throughout the UK.

The firm said the reliability of APC has enabled the Lancashire gourmet food manufacturing and distribution firm to grow by more than 10 per cent year-on-year by ensuring its customers receive deliveries on time — especially during key busy times of the year.

Peter Martindale, AMKO’s owner, who lives in Heaton, said: “We have a strong relationship with Nexday Overnite who run the APC operations from depots in Bolton and Wigan.

“The depot team understands our requirements for a consistent service throughout the year, particularly through the peak Christmas periods when demand for our wide range of products is at its greatest. It is important that we work with reliable partners and APC has not let us down, which has a very positive effect on our high standards of customer service.”

In busy periods, such as the weeks leading up to Christmas, the service is daily.

Mr Martindale said: “Our arrangement with APC enables us to keep our delivery promises. We have undoubtedly grown the business with the help of APC.

“We started with nothing and now we occupy a 10,000 sq foot manufacturing and distribution centre.”