A MAN who drove at ‘outrageous’ speeds while attempting to escape from police has been spared jail.

Ross Boswell took officers on a high-speed chase along Wigan Road, in the early hours of July 12 this year. He reached speeds of more than 90mph, Bolton Crown Court heard.

A video of how Boswell, of Alexandra Road, Lostock, had driven his Nissan Almera on the wrong side of the road and ignored road signs while racing through built up areas, was shown to the court by prosecutor, Michael Brady.

Officers were about to abandon the pursuit on the grounds it was becoming too dangerous as Boswell headed down Deane Road towards Bolton town centre.

But the 41-year-old crashed after colliding with several other vehicles and was arrested at the scene.

No other cars were seriously damaged and no other road users were badly hurt in the chase.

Mr Brady explained that police pursued Ross Boswell after his driving aroused suspicion and a vehicle check revealed his vehicle was not registered and was insured by a car dealer.

The driver of the unmarked police car, PC Diamond, turned on his emergency lights and siren and, at first, Boswell appeared to be pulling over before accelerating away at speed.

Jennie Ferrario, defending Boswell told the court her client offered no excuses for his behaviour and was ‘utterly ashamed’ of what he had done.

She added that her client had rowed with his fiancée shortly before getting behind the wheel.

She said: “He got into the vehicle he’d had for two days, he knew it had no insurance, and started driving it.

“And when police alerted him to the fact they were behind him, he panicked because he knew he wasn’t insured and took off at great speed.”

“I don’t seek to deflect from what he did – it was great speeds down very- built up areas.

“He is a very, very remorseful person, and not a person who usually acts so irresponsibly.”

The court heard that former glass cutter Boswell no longer works, due to anxiety and depression, but has caring responsibilities for his mother and stepson.

Ms Ferrario added that Boswell had shown he was a ‘responsible human being who cared for members of his family who needed him.’

Sentencing Boswell, Judge Graeme Smith told Boswell that a car was a ‘lethal weapon’ when driven in the manner he had done.

He said: “Fortunately for you – and even more so for members of the public – it was so quiet that hardly anyone was about.”

He continued: “Driving at high speeds through built-up areas and on the wrong side of the road is outrageous, and a recipe for disaster.

“Fortunately, in this instance, the disaster was only minor and the only injury – if there was one – was to yourself.”

He told Boswell that the offence was ‘so serious’ it warranted a custodial sentence.

But had taken into account evidence from the probation service that he was at low risk of reoffending and accepted his behaviour was out of character when arriving at the decision to hand down a suspended sentence.

Boswell was also banned from driving for two years and will have to take an extended test to get his licence back.