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June 22, 1999

A FROZEN hamster has made an incredible recovery after surviving three days of arctic temperatures locked in a freezer.

The Beardsworth family had been searching in vain for their lost pet and had almost given up hope when they found him trapped inside the deep freeze on a packet of frozen prawns.

Mum Sandra Beardsworth, of Hawthorn Road, Westhoughton, was so surprised when she saw 15-month-old Gizme she froze and shut the door again before taking another peek.

The family thought the worst, but after thawing him out, Gizme was back to his playful self.

Mrs Beardsworth said: “I was very worried. I tried vacuuming because he always responds to that but he still didn’t appear. The patio doors were open and I was afraid he had got out.” The family’s dog Benson, a three-year-old German Shepherd dog, had been pining for his playmate since he went astray.


From the Evening News

June 22, 1984

A “BONNIE AND CLYDE” gang are thought to be responsible for an armed raid on a Bolton sub-post office.

Two masked raiders — one possibly a woman — burst into the Rishton Lane sub-post office yesterday afternoon and blasted the armoured glass screen with a shotgun.

But after firing twice and demanding money, the robbers fled empty-handed, thanks to the bravery and quick-thinking of the postmistress and her assistant. Police said today that from the descriptions of the raiders it is possible that one of them was a woman.


From the Evening News Bulletin

June 22, 1959

The new electric train service between Bury and Manchester started and the 40 passengers on the first train were all impressed by the smooth journey. Mr. Jack Clingo (64), Huntley Mount-rd., Bury, who has driven trains for 33 years is motorman on the hourly service to and from the city. “Just the job, and a lot cleaner,” was his comment. Top speed in the 20 minute journey to Manchester Victoria Station is 60 m.p.h.


From the Evening News

June 22, 1909

The death took place on Monday of Mr. Thomas Robertson (60), landlord of the New Inn, Halliwell-rd., who was well-known in the trade.

For 32 years he had held a licence in Bolton, coming to the borough 50 years ago from Perth, of which town he was a native.

He was at one time a member of the District Beer and Wine Sellers’ Association.

He was also a Freemason, being a member of the Earl of Ellesmere, No 678 Kearsley Lodge.

Formerly he kept the Railway Shipping Inn, now the Brunswick Inn, Crook-st.

Mr. Robertson had been ailing for the last six months though death occurred rather unexpectedly from heart failure.


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