A MOTHER and daughter duo has completed a mammoth walking challenge as part of their ten-year effort to raise £10,000 for charity.

Christine Dewhurst and her daughter Elizabeth, both from Horwich, have been fundraising for the Catholic International Development Charity (CAFOD), an organisation committed to tackling poverty, for the past decade.

And the pair have just completed a two-part trek covering 140 miles of the Glyndwr’s Way in Wales.

They tackled the first 70 miles of the walk last year and they returned to complete the last half, which took them a week to complete.

Christine, aged 76, has been supporting CAFOD for 40 years. In 2007, her daughter joined in to help the charity.

Christine said: “It all started when Elizabeth said she’d like to join my friend and I on the Hadrian’s Wall walk in 2007 and raise some money. Since then, we’ve completed ten long distance walks together for CAFOD.

“I’m just conscious that we are very lucky and some people don’t have such luck, which is why it’s great to be able to raise money to help.”

They have raised more than £10,000 for CAFOD since the 2007 Hadrian’s Wall walk and this year her sponsorship has already surpassed the £1,000 mark after just a few weeks of fundraising.

Elizabeth, aged 37, said: “I like supporting CAFOD because they need money to help others. They provide clean water in developing countries, help people to grow their own food and help so that children can go to school.”

The charity aims to help people overseas to help themselves by equipping them with the skills and opportunities needed to live with dignity.

It also helps them to support their families and give something back to their communities.

Ann Wilson, CAFOD’s local representative in Bolton, said: “Christine and Elizabeth are a great pair and very committed to CAFOD.

“We’re so grateful for the work they’ve done over the years. We all kept our fingers crossed that the weather stayed dry for them.”

To find out more about the charity’s work, visit cafod.org.uk