POLICE say they are taking steps to address the problem of speeding cars along a country lane in Bradshaw — but will not be able to enforce the speed limit in the near future.

More than 300 people signed a petition calling on officers to review the speed limit in Bradshaw Road after numerous accidents and complaints along the 40mph stretch.

Neighbourhood roads policing manager Heath Pemberton, of Greater Manchester Police, said the force was aware of the issues and would calculate how many cars were speeding over a week-long period.

He said: “The police take speeding very seriously but this particular location is largely unsuitable at present to carry out enforcement due to there being double white lines on the road.

"This, therefore, makes it unsafe to park a speed enforcement vehicle.

"However we are in the process of surveying specific areas on the road to assess whether we will be able to carry out future enforcement.

"We have also recently purchased new speed equipment which will allow us to carry out speed enforcement without the use of a vehicle and the equipment will be in use shortly.

“In the interim, we will assess the vehicle speeds at the location by installing a counter over a week period. This will capture vehicle speed data and we can then consider enforcement at this location.”

Grandfather-of-three and Bradshaw Road resident Roy Adams welcomed the step but said more needed to be done before someone was seriously injured or killed.

The 68-year-old retired building site manager said: “It’s a step in the right direction, but some of it is hokum.

“There are three different places along the road where they can park off-road and see what they need to see.

“My concern is for the elderly and the children around here. Someone has to be killed before they will do anything about it, and that is totally wrong.”