A COUPLE who have been trapped in India for months after travelling to pick up their new surrogate baby twins, believe they have “turned a corner” in their quest to get home.

Kiran and Bina Salvi have been in the Anand area of the country since March, with backlogs at the UK Passport Office causing delays in getting their new babies home.

The new parents, who had been trying to have children for 12 years, made the decision to travel to a specialist clinic and their twins, Jai, a boy and Leela, a girl, were born on March 3.

The family has been forced to live in a sweltering hotel room in India, and have grown increasingly frustrated with a lack of information from the UK Passport Office.

But now a dialogue has been established with the passport authority and the twins’ applications have been sent to Liverpool.

Mr Salvi, aged 44, said that although it had been an “extremely tough period” for his family, they were starting to hope they would soon be home.

He said: “After a very difficult few weeks we feel we have turned a corner. The applications have been re-sent to Liverpool and the British High Commission in India have started doing the necessary background checks, so things are moving.

“We are starting to imagine coming home now, it will be such a relief when we do.”

The Salvis have received more good news, regarding their flight home.

While it looks likely that they will miss the planned flight, airline Emirates has told Kiran that they will not need to pay for expensive new flights and will instead have to pay a lesser fee for a change of date.

The Salvis have been aided in their campaign to bring their family home by Julie Hilling, the MP for Bolton West, who last week called on the home secretary, Theresa May to directly intervene in their case.

Mr Salvi said: “I want to offer a huge thank you to Julie and her team. If things are starting to happen for us now, it is all down to them. They have worked really hard for us and we are extremely grateful.”