A CONSERVATIVE councillor has tweeted that the comedian who interrupted Theresa May’s party conference speech to hand her a P45 notice should be hung from a bridge.

Heaton and Lostock representative Bob Allen said that Simon Brodkin, who he called a ‘little weed of a man’, should be ‘hung from the bridge so liked by Labour’, referring to a banner displayed from a bridge in Salford that read ‘hang the Tories’.

Cllr Allen came under fire on social media for his comments today, and said they were intended to be a ‘light-hearted’ joke.

He added: "It was simply in response to the banner that was hung from the bridge as Conservative delegates arrived in Manchester.

"It wasn't meant as a serious comment, but some people get very upset and can't take a joke."

Jane Deane replied to Cllr Allen's tweet by saying: "Disgraceful reaction. Have reported tweet as a threat of violence against an individual. Whatever your politics, wishing harm is unacceptable."