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MATCHDAY LIVE: Reading 7 Bolton Wanderers 1

Last updated:

    Wanderers team to face Reading: Lonergan, Baptiste, Knight, Mills, Ream, Spearing, Pratley, M Davies, Danns, Lee, Ngog


J J J J 1:09pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Whats the latest on the contract situation? for the players that have their contracts running out at the end of the season? Also It says that N'gog is a wanted man but who has shown an interest?
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J J J J 1:20pm Sat 18 Jan 14
I saw we were linked with Stefan Popescu. What can you tell us about him? Adrian Mutu said it was a done deal he was joining but im not believing anything until he has signed.
Score: 0
trottersfan 1:24pm Sat 18 Jan 14
I watched tennis this morning, Monfils v Nadal. Monfils kept hitting the ball into the net. Made me wish DF would sign him!! Hope the wanderers have been PRACTISING (not training but practising) shooting and heading the ball under the bar and between the posts. Too many chances have been missed. It's no good having all the training facilities, backroom back-up, etc if you can't score goals come the match. So lets see what today brings, with or without the tennis player, and WIN. COYWM
Score: 0
J J J J 1:29pm Sat 18 Jan 14
What positions is DF looking reinforce?
Score: 0
J J J J 1:44pm Sat 18 Jan 14
I'd go 4-1-3-2 with Lonergan, Baptiste Mills Ream Hall (left back) Medo Mavies Moritz Danns C.Davies N'gog and then if Davies gets tired make the change and go 4-2-3-1
Score: 0
CeBe from Sweden 2:10pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Lee is obvious a key player for DF, I wonder why? The guy has not enough Power in his legs to fire thru a paper bag. Talk about rubber legs, even a out of form Craig Davies is a bigger threat forward than Lee.
Score: 0
J J J J 3:30pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Should have gone with what I said what a dreadful start an uphill battle against a solid side too. here is too hoping though
Score: 0
Liamdog 3:33pm Sat 18 Jan 14
We have to turn these draws to wins , what about turning the losses into draws first DF ! Go now and take your team with you.
Score: 1
steverock6@sky.com 3:38pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Have Bolton turned up yet
Score: 1
Rememberscarborough 3:41pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Forget the manager - when are the players going to take responsibility? The phrase gutless cowards springs to mind...
Score: 1
Liamdog 3:42pm Sat 18 Jan 14
DF arrived some. 18 month ago. Defence was abysmal then , we were in relegation trouble, we looked like losing every game 3' 4' 5 nil , tactics were atrocious attendances falling. what's improved ? ? ? DF says watch Moritz go he's one for the fans , Yes right not even made the bench.
Score: 2
J J J J 3:45pm Sat 18 Jan 14
I think the under 21s would have done better. id say sell majority of the team and do a complete rebuild like chris powell did and start over.
Score: 4
CeBe from Sweden 3:47pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Game over for BWFC! A total disaster and it is not over yet. To be honest we are closer to League one than a mid table pace at the end. How sad this downfall is and DF and his players are to blame for ll this.
Score: 5
J J J J 3:53pm Sat 18 Jan 14
ask someone to sum it up in one word : abysmal
Score: 2
CeBe from Sweden 3:55pm Sat 18 Jan 14
The club has financial problems, well here is a suggestion to solve a part of that; cut the wages for all the players in the first team. They are not a worth a single pound anyway!
Score: 4
J J J J 4:08pm Sat 18 Jan 14
I'd Say forget FFP and recruit and we will just have to accept the punishment recruits needed regardless of if people need to leave cant wait for recruits when we have been torn to shreds and beaten like a box of chocolates today.
Score: 2
CeBe from Sweden 4:11pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Keih Andrews was no good for DF but he´s doing alright at Brighton, I wonder if KA misses his time at Bolton?
Score: 4
trottersfan 4:18pm Sat 18 Jan 14
terribly disappointing. Just wish we could get a decent experienced manager, instead of championship level. (or maybe worse) It's been down., down down, ever since Big Sam left. DF has big fantasy ideas for long-term but I just hope he won't be around to see them through. It's the higher ups though who need sorting, because it's them who have appointed the rubbish managers. Looks as if we would have been better with the tennis player in the team.!!
Score: 4
CeBe from Sweden 4:23pm Sat 18 Jan 14
OMG! I have no Words left for this!
Score: 2
Liamdog 4:36pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Lets all laugh at bolton, Sad, so sad to see how we have fallen. I saw the team travelling down yesterday Iv never seen such a sad looking untidy un together uncaring bunch , DF this team have shamed us
Score: 4
CeBe from Sweden 4:37pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Wigan loses at Doncaster, SheffieldW pick up Points against Burnley seems like the teams behind coming closer; can BWFC deal with a new relegation this year?
Score: 3
Comment777 4:52pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Excellent performance from Reading, another revenge game for Bolton beating Reading in THE play off final...how ironic would it be if this was the new start of Bolton's journey into relegation obscurity..heres hoping!!!!
Score: -3
nickyboy70 7:06pm Sat 18 Jan 14
we need a shake up at Bolton what is df playing at what was that we are slowly becoming the laughing stock of the championship. we should get phil brown in as manager hes doing really good. do something now before its to late. Sammy lee as is assistant. donna and nick from blackpool
Score: 4
nickyboy70 7:17pm Sat 18 Jan 14
Bolton should get phil brown doing fantastic at southend playing good football 442
Score: 4
Reebok Al 6:37pm Sun 19 Jan 14
Well said, Alan Houghton (Fan's View)
Score: 2
MrBenggo 4:34pm Mon 20 Jan 14
Looks like Bolton have found their natural league to be in,keep losing like this and down it will be again.
Score: 0
Beyond News Forum 6:07pm Mon 20 Jan 14
I read Danny Graham is the answer to DF's prayers. Who is Danny Graham? Well Danny Graham is a striker at Sunderland struggling for goals, that's who. WTF??? Absolutely!!
Score: 2
beechd 9:31am Tue 21 Jan 14
Get DF sacked, this is an absolute joke now, he's clueless,
Score: 2
MrBenggo 10:18am Tue 21 Jan 14
Instead of keep sacking managers,always the scapegoat;there should be a few players being sacked. Perhaps a pay system,win and you get payed, Draw and payed a bit less, Lose and it's bread and dripping all week,because you don't get paid. If I didn't perform when I was working it was the sack.all footballers need to do is run round the field for 90 minutes and a few thousand to go home with.
Score: 1
Beyond News Forum 12:42pm Tue 21 Jan 14
We need an Eider, a JJ, a Youri, a Campo, a Stellios... a bloody miracle. Agreed 70% of what we have needs to go. DF 'may' not be the problem... if he is not then we have a huge huge huge task. Premier League 2015 peepz we have to get real.
Score: 2
Beyond News Forum 12:52pm Tue 21 Jan 14
Yannick Bastos???? Who??? Luxembourg international???? WTF??? *facepalm* he scored a goal in the Euro League - wooooopie fecking do!
Score: 2

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