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The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Marc Iles, chief football writer


    Boltonbhoy 8:33am Thu 30 Jan 14
    Why is the Bolton News printing Zat Knight's views?
    He's one of the root causes of why we are in the mess we are in !
    He comes out with the same clap trap every time he's interviewed but then proceeds to do absolutely nothing whatsoever to make things any better.
    I for one am fed up of hearing players saying " we need to buck our ideas up, we're not in the Premier League now " etc etc
    It's all about 20 months too late. I also can't believe the BN is asking for his opinion.
    Score: 7
    phil_the_wanderer 9:12am Thu 30 Jan 14
    Zat Knight is the main reason we are in this mess, one of the main problems this year is we have no leaders on the pitch, we have got Ngog off the wage bill now so that should have freed some cash up, I just feel players do not want to play for Freedman and that is one of the reasons we can not attract anyone. John Mcginlay is now scouting at Wigan and getting them players, Mcginlay should be working for Bolton.
    Score: 4
    Chris Merrills 10:03am Thu 30 Jan 14
    It must be hard to get players in when you plan your teams 3 weeks in advance......
    Anyway, cynicism aside, I don't think we are in a desperate need for a CB, we have Mills, Knight, Ream (any injury news?), Wheater (same question?), Baptiste can play there as well. We need a couple of specialist fullbacks and a goalscorer. The fullbacks are more immediate concerns, the striker can probably wait till the loan window. Just hope its not Mason as I really don't think he scores regularly enough. The ones I'd be looking at in the loan window would be Becchio, Rory Donnelly from Swansea, Glenn Murray (if fit) and an ambitious one in Connor Wckham. Just need a goalscorer to keep us afloat
    Score: 0
    Norpig! 10:35am Thu 30 Jan 14
    why does DF persist with chasing mason from cardiff, he looked nothing special playing for us (no better than our youngsters) and also looked average playing against our shaky defence.
    Score: 0
    JustaBloke2000 10:48am Thu 30 Jan 14
    "A positive tweet from Gretar Steinsson there. With a bit of luck, he'll be right!"

    Is he coming back?? Ha ha...
    Score: 0
    JustaBloke2000 10:58am Thu 30 Jan 14
    I wonder if someone from the same agent as Gretar is on the radar...

    (I dunno how accurate that list is, just found it on a Google...)
    Score: 0
    HungerHillBilly 11:42am Thu 30 Jan 14
    Why is it necessary to denigrate Ngog?This is pathetic,perhaps if he hadn´t
    been so marginalised by Freedman,supported in his efforts by local hacks,
    Ngog might have done better.Easily better towards the end of last season before his injury than Beckford has been this,he hasn´t had a kick.

    Hope he is laughing all the way to the bank.Eat your heart out Dougie and bugger off back to London with the useless bunch of Jerks you brought with
    Score: 0
    Boltonbhoy 12:44pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    " Assume you're looking for an answer beyond "being a newspaper" and "reflecting the view of the football club/players?"

    In answer to your earlier comment re my view, I'd rather he kept his mouth shut and showed it on the pitch, I've no doubt he's an honest lad as you put it but how many times this season has he said " we need to buck our ideas up" only for him to make mistake after mistake. It's no coincidence the goals we have conceded since he came back into the team.

    Mind you the club will probably offer him a new contract, that seems to be how it works, he shouldn't even be here but that's another story. Too many like him, talk a good game but don't deliver !!
    Score: 3
    @sparesyg 2:53pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Marc, Could you tell me if Bolton Wanderers are thinking of playing a Barcelona style of football with no strikers under Dougie as we are selling/ loaning left right and centre.
    A concerned Bolton Fan
    Score: 0
    JustaBloke2000 3:12pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Any clues as to what Steinsson was going on about, yet?
    Score: 1
    Chris Merrills 3:20pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Serious question Marc, why does Dougie seem reluctant to explore the foreign market? I know it can be a risk but there are bargains to be found and for cheaper than domestic targets. Our defensive issues are our primary concern but I am equally alarmed by our striking options. Beckford is inconsistent, Juke doesn't strike me as a regular scorer, Craig Davies is going out on loan and Dougie seems fixated on landing Joe Mason, who I just wasn't impressed with and offered very little, at least nothing different to what we already have. Goals win games and we don't score enough to balance out the amount we concede. I am really starting to fear relegation
    Score: 0
    JustaBloke2000 3:35pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    "why does Dougie seem reluctant to explore the foreign market? I know it can be a risk but there are bargains to be found and for cheaper than domestic targets"

    It's not so much the case anymore. 10-15 years ago it was another matter. The days of picking up a Bo, Per, Smurf, Stig, Arnar et al are long gone - players and other clubs are wise to the situation so there's more competition for signatures for a start plus demands are higher nowadays when coming to England.

    Also, yeah, there's always bedding in time.

    Plus, we still have no money anyway...
    Score: 1
    J J J J 4:10pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    What's the name of this left back we are close to signing? Any chance of us trying to get Keane on loan from Manchester united? If Dawson is out of our reach?Would heve kept Craig Davies for striker and just put youngsters on their. Wouldnt have got jutkiewicz. What do you think marc?
    Score: 1
    Liamdog 4:33pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Stop banging on about championship experience. Most have it, most have played here before . Those who think otherwise are deluded. Your not asking serious questions of BWFC.. The fans deserve a better manager chairman and sports writer .
    Score: -2
    womble75 4:51pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    sure with three stikers at the club we cant afford to let Craig Davies go. Surely we cant be saving much on wages if a league one club can afford to pay him?
    Score: 1
    J J J J 5:16pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    What's the name of this left back we are close to signing? Any chance of us trying to get Keane on loan from Manchester united? If Dawson is out of our reach? Would have kept Craig Davies for striker and just put youngsters on their. Wouldn't have got jutkiewicz. What do you think marc?
    Score: 0
    beechd 5:17pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Is Craig Davies going out as he's not got any game time this season or purely to create money for wages for loan players?
    We must be seriously in the red to have to ship out another striker! Can't we just release The likes of Mears and co
    Score: 0
    J J J J 5:17pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Who is currently earning the most within the club?
    Score: 0
    J J J J 5:27pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Do you think if there was no FFP our situation would be a whole lot different now? and we would have more players coming in rather than to get people in we have to get people out? Just feel it has come in at the wrong time for the club as we are going through transition... If only it was a few seasons later?
    Score: 0
    J J J J 5:35pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Surely a meeting has to have been organised and something put in place for clubs like ourselves. if we had lasted an extra season we would have had more money... Without FFP what do you think our team would be looking like around about now? Maybe. Just maybe we could have been the ones with Charlie Austin? What would your dream team be? ( has to be for the championship)
    Score: 0
    womble75 5:45pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    you know this would all be avoided if we had a strong youth polcy. i used to go to st pauls primary, then to smithills secondary, then smithills college in that time i played fooball at secondary and primary school but i must have seen a rep from bolton maybe twice in all my school days. Why cant we spend time and money on spotting young talent at primary level then nursing them to be footballers. I cant beleive this would cost millions and is a common sense approach and then we wouldnt be sat here wondering who will be sold and bought as we would have produed home grown players. Are you honestly saying in a town o 250k we dont have 11 premiership quality players or even a messi waiting to be discovered.
    Score: 0
    Cardiffwhite 7:07pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    FFP can't all be to blame surely? If ED has the money, can't he just fudge it like Citeh did by getting their owners to pay 100 times the going rate to sponsor their stadium so that the club's income is increased and we avoid the dreaded £8m loss???
    I know our stadium is already sponsored but surely he could sponsor the tracksuits/car park/tea lady or something???
    Score: 1
    J J J J 7:35pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    How are forest not going to get caught by FFP they have now recruited another 3 players today. Fair enough two on loan. How much have their owners ploughed into the club this year?
    Score: 0
    J J J J 7:57pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    I thought mills and ream did well earlier in the season, I remember zola saying that not even Barcelona would pass through our defence, is this why we are prioritising a left back? so the possibility of getting the partnership back together? If I was DF I would recall sordell, Beckford and Sordell would work perfectly, would compliment each other. What do you think Marc?
    Score: 2
    Beyond News Forum 9:43pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Baptiste could forge a good partnership up front with the invisible man I hear. One of our top strikers at the moment isn't he.

    It has to be a given that Sordell is returning, it has to be because the one up front right now 'Juke' couldn't even hit the bottle if the bar was free - what with Craig Davis going to hook up at PNE. Or is there a shady deal about to go through with a couple of big hitters???

    I would not put all my Shillings on Joe Mason stepping up, he is unproven also - Ahhh the Beckford injury isn't so bad - and I can understand the philosophy of having no remaining strikers at the club Marc because we have not had one all season other than JB.

    Moritz could come in in all honesty, I think he would be more suited to the attacking role with defending striker Baptiste - seriously I think Baptiste could be the secret weapon - he ain't afraid to have a shot like some of the other - If CYL can get his shooting boots on (along with some food in his belly) I think we have it cracked.

    We don't need a £10-million hitman do we Marc ;)
    Score: 1
    Beyond News Forum 10:02pm Thu 30 Jan 14
    Quoting Zat: “We’ve shown some improvement in the last two games, Cardiff and QPR, who are two good teams with better players. But we also need to be doing it against the Bournemouths or the Ipswich Towns. If we can, maybe our luck starts to turn.”

    No Zat they are not better players... this just sums up the confidence levels for me.

    Score: 0

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