THE Manchester Cricket Association has folded.

The League, which has been going since 1892, ceased to exist at its annual meeting two weeks ago.

It has been struggling to keep clubs for the last few years and was left with too few to continue.

Most of the clubs who were still in the league have found new leagues to play in.

But three from Bolton - Bolton Cricket Club, Bolton Indians Sports Club and Deane and Derby Cricket Club – have not and are setting up their own league.

Among the movement of clubs from the Manchester Association to other leagues are Lostock, Winton, Worsley and Swinton Moorside who will be playing in the Bolton Association this season.

They follow Bury who made the same move 12 months earlier and Flixton who did the same in 2008, while Bury club Brooksbottom switched from the Manchester Association to the Ribblesdale League last year.

Bolton, Bolton Indians and Deane and Derby are setting up a new 25-over league and are calling on any teams wishing to join them to get in touch.