BILL Eaton continues to provide a light-hearted insight into life as a referee in his weekly column.

This week he talks about how refereeing is developing


IT has always been a fundamental aim of the Bolton Bury and District Football League to promote the growth of children and youth participation in football.

This has now advanced to promoting an intermediate under-21s league within the Lancashire Amateur League. The league is now also looking to set up a youth council.

The league requires dedicated youngsters to help drive up standards within the grassroots game.

Part of the council will be directly aimed at referees, supporting not only newly qualified referees but also aimed at improving standards of referees within the league.

In recent columns you have had the opportunity to read some very interesting profiles on referees.

The league will be looking to hold at least four referee development meetings throughout the season covering a number of subjects, more importantly though we will be offer a mentoring programme to over 30 junior referees.

So the future is looking a bit brighter. - If you are interested in joining the Referee Youth Council please email me on refereeappointmentsecretary@