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MATCHDAY LIVE: Bolton Wanderers 1 v Wigan Athletic 1

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    J J J J 2:15pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    No danns or davies or mills in the squad? what? still hoping for a good result regardless. 4-3-3? or 4-2-3-1? looks more like a 4-3-3 with spearing medo and trotter sitting deep?
    Score: 1
    J J J J 1:50pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    its a beautiful day, im looking for a beautiful result! :D smiles for today :D
    Score: 1
    Liamdog 3:24pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    How the mighty have fallen. Southampton junior squad players on loan , and apathy setting in all around.
    Score: 3
    boltonnut 4:28pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    Liamdog wrote: How the mighty have fallen. Southampton junior squad players on loan , and apathy setting in all around.
    The junior player was labeled a "starlet" by a BN reporter midweek.The definition of "starlet" pertains to a young female.
    Score: 2
    CeBe from Sweden 5:13pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    A real good fight from BWFC today! Only a brilliant goal from Powell stopped them from a derseved win I Think. Before Wigans goal and their penalty Bolton had several god opportunitys to kill the game. Better luck next time. And what a save from that penalty!
    Score: 5
    steveG 6:04pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    Decent performance from Bolton spoiled only by the Managers decisions which threatened to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. At 1-0 with 15 to go Bolton were in no trouble at all. The decision to take off Trotter and Hall was completely unnecessary and though not in itself startling, as neither were having great games, was definitely the turning point as Trotters replacement,Baptiste , was woeful in a central midfield role, as most supporters would have expected and the resulting imbalance put Wigan on the front foot. Dougies loving of unnecessary decisions will ultimately be his downfall in his chosen career of football Management.
    Score: 5
    Beyond News Forum 10:27pm Sat 29 Mar 14
    Seriously Steve shut up...
    Score: -4
    By George 7:42am Sun 30 Mar 14
    This was a Lancashire Derby not a Greater Manchester Derby Greater Manchester is like Brussels to us not wanted and not needed and a waste of money. Thus, many People from fiercely insist that they live in Lancashire, not in Greater Manchester, as do many Oldhamers, Wiganers and Rochdalians! Even more confusingly, parts of Trafford, and Stockport used to be within the County of Cheshire. When the people who live in Scotland have their say on independance then we should have the same opportunity for Lancastrians. the Wigan Bolton game was a thriller two good Lancastrian Towns represented.
    Score: 1
    the hand 9:00am Sun 30 Mar 14
    Twas a good game and a good atmosphere for a change was only mared by dougies tacticle changes baptise a holding midfielder I think not and is it just me or is watching trotter like looking at Michael rickets on the pitch again another lazy git
    Score: 3
    Liamdog 10:00am Sun 30 Mar 14
    Steve G , Spot on . Good performance spoiled almost ruined by DF negative changes.
    Score: 5
    Beyond News Forum 11:02am Sun 30 Mar 14
    I'm sick of hearing about negativity. Trotter got crocked with not much on the bench to do anything with... FFS the fans being negative is spiraling onto the pitch. WE ALL CAN SEE THAT WE SHOULD HAVE KEPT THE BALL FOR 15 MINUTES and put it in the corner... HALF OF YOU WOULD THEN WHINE ABOUT DF's TIME WASTING.
    Score: -5
    Liamdog 1:55pm Sun 30 Mar 14
    We're not going up we're not going down, The negativity is not being driven by the fans but by DF himself. I saw little evidence of any negativity when we played two front before DF decided to change thigs against Derby. This set of players must be allowed to attack teams more, they want it and so. Do the fans wantt it. , At this stage of the season we have nothing else to lose. We played very well for most of the game upto the changes. Let's have some positivity to take into next season . DF grow some, get the fans on board once and for all stop tinkering . Stevie G like I said , spot on lad.
    Score: 5

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