STUART Gray had the air of a man who had seen one bulging net too many in recent weeks.

The one-time Wanderers loanee, now Sheffield Wednesday boss, had seen 35 goals in his last seven games, the majority of which were scored against his own side.

No wonder, then that after watching Wanderers speed to a three-goal lead inside half an hour, he had reached the point of despair.

“It was the manner of the goals we gave away because it wasn’t good play from Bolton, at all,” he said.

“Tongue in cheek I said in the press conference that we need four goals to win a game at the moment, and so it’s proved again.

“I wouldn’t mind if teams were opening up and lashing them in from 25 yards. We have to score good goals at the moment because we haven’t been gifted any.

“I’m disappointed because they (Bolton) looked like they wanted it more than us, got a three-goal start, and you could see the confidence. They are a good side.”

Wednesday’s players trudged round the pitch to acknowledge the smattering of the massive 23,000 crowd who had stayed behind – but few looked happy about it after a dressing down from their manager.

“All three goals were preventable,” Gray told “You can look at the goal from Liam Trotter and it’s a terrific strike but he’s run off the back of one of the lads from a throw in, and I keep telling the lads that throw-ins are under-rated, a hell of a lot of goals come from them.

“You cannot legislate for putting ourselves under that kind of pressure.”