VOLLEYBALL, boxing, rugby, kayaking, mountain biking, running, walking – there may also have been some football crammed in there too – Wanderers’ pre-season is rapidly becoming a decathlon.

When it comes to wholesome outdoor activities, Scandinavia is definitely the place to be.

Surrounded by this much green, it would be a crime not to take advantage.

Pre-season camps can be difficult ones to judge. Too much activity or travelling between games and players can pick up injuries. If too little is going on, it becomes a chore, and that can affect motivation when the real training takes place. But it looks to me like Dougie Freedman and his staff have pitched this one well – the lads are enjoying it, and the results have been good on the pitch too.

We are yet to see snaps of the squad unicycling or David Wheater indulging in his secret passion, croquet, but the club have certainly had all angles covered photo-wise.

They may even get an elusive picture of Jay Spearing when he isn’t either running the show on the pitch, or playing Candy Crush on his phone.

In the press quarters there has been a lot less emphasis on physical fitness, aside from the odd mad dash to catch a train. In fact, once I get back to Blighty I’m going to detox.

Danish food is distinctly carnivorous. I don’t think they even have a word for salad.

Bacon is obviously a big thing here. In my hotel, the rashers are so crispy that one tiny amount of pressure from a fork sends shards of meat-shrapnel flying out for yards around. Some of the waiters have to wear bulletproof vests to protect their vital organs.

And everywhere you turn on the street someone is trying to sell you a hotdog, unless, of course, they are trying to run you over with a bike.

The sausages they sell are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill cinema efforts, though. They are gargantuan things that could double up as door stops.

I only hope the box of Rennies I brought with me lasts the whole trip.