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MATCHDAY LIVE: Watford 3 Wanderers 0

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    Boltonmonkey 4:08pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Sat in the sun in Sicily. Glad I missed the first game of the season for the first time in over a decade. BWFC=beat watford fat chance. Agree, we are a financial basket case...is this how the rot started at Pompey I wonder? Gartside and Davies...oh dear, in a private company they would be long gone. Wouldn't trust either with a pound in a pie shop. More beer for the second half I think.
    Score: 3
    swager123 3:28pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Pathetic !!!!!
    Score: 9
    Townleys 4:43pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Something needs to change at the top. Anyone want to buy a football club?
    Score: 2
    J J J J 3:32pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Its not looking very pretty, we beat them twice last season, a long way to go in this game though. Never give up. Can still get something if we step it up
    Score: 2
    nickyboy70 2:14pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    what is df playing at big mistake not snapping up duke. what happens if we get strickers with injurys. need a good start to the campaign. im going 2-1 bolton today. nick & donna blackpool whites. C O Y W M.
    Score: 0
    Riggermortis 2:29pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    No money to buy duke, didn't, even bid not dougie's fault just the money grabbers at the top. Can we get a freebie who will score 20 goals I think not.
    Score: 0
    bole petter 2:53pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Wheres Rob Hall??
    Score: 1
    boltonnut 3:13pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Riggermortis wrote: No money to buy duke, didn't, even bid not dougie's fault just the money grabbers at the top. Can we get a freebie who will score 20 goals I think not.
    Sign of the times,Bolton wouldn't splash out a meager 1,250,000 for a decent striker.They should have tapped up Rooney,he makes that much in a month.
    Score: -3
    Riggermortis 3:20pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    First of many goals we will concede I fear!
    Score: 6
    Armitage93 4:11pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Reality50 wrote: Freedman out,Phillips in please. Jimmy and David Lee as a dream team would be my choice. Also the inability to buy a striker is unforgiveable. The club is riddled with complacency from top to bottom.
    Freedman doesn't control the cash from. Its down to the board to give him the money he needs. He spoke highly of how he wanted Juke, and time and time again since that about how he needs 3 attackers. It's the board hindering us, not Dougie.
    Score: 0
    Riggermortis 3:27pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Will it be seven?
    Score: 0
    poplarman 3:29pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    ...at least we're being 'patient' !
    Score: 2
    Bob1357632 3:29pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    This could be Reading all over again
    Score: 4
    Neilbwfc 3:35pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Poor management from the top down. We will never get out of this league without a top striker. We don't have top striker money, hard to swallow after all the money wasted.
    Score: 7
    Townleys 3:35pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Riggermortis was right, could be a long afternoon
    Score: 3
    Reality50 4:04pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Freedman out,Phillips in please. Jimmy and David Lee as a dream team would be my choice. Also the inability to buy a striker is unforgiveable. The club is riddled with complacency from top to bottom.
    Score: 3
    steve2403 3:39pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Complacency abounds its only August - why make an effort
    Score: 2
    Neilbwfc 3:45pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Changes needed at half time, Davies alone up front will never work. He couldn't do it at Preston. Moxey off for wheater ream to left back and Wilkinson on for pratley.
    Score: 3
    Armitage93 3:52pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Will this trigger the board to finally act? Using Freedman to take the flack of abuse is unacceptable. This was bound to happen, given our lack of attacking options. Freedman shown that given the right options, he will go on the attack. Given current circumstances, we are not in the position to do that. Yet, somehow, the manager takes the blame of this. Its about time Mr Gartside and Eddie Davies took some responsibility and dug into their pockets to give Dougie, and the team, what they need
    Score: 0
    J J J J 3:54pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    any hope for Bolton Marc, any signs we could come out and fight to try and at least draw?
    Score: -1
    Neilbwfc 4:03pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    I agree with Armitage. It's about time they did take some responsibility for the demise of the club. It's far too easy to sack managers and start again. Dig deep and help the manager to build a team capable of a return to the premier league.
    Score: 1
    poplarman 4:10pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Feeney on. Will he make a difference?
    Score: 3
    Armitage93 4:12pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Score: -2
    Neilbwfc 4:12pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Reality50 wrote: Freedman out,Phillips in please. Jimmy and David Lee as a dream team would be my choice. Also the inability to buy a striker is unforgiveable. The club is riddled with complacency from top to bottom.
    Changing the manager won't make a difference until the club have money to spend.
    Score: -1
    Boltonmonkey 4:13pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    No he won't....unless he's an Arab sheik with a spare billion and a liking for pies, humour and mediocre football.
    Score: 2
    Boltonmonkey 4:18pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Philips...no thanks. Need a manager who will stand up to the financial mismanagement . I get the impression that jimmy is as slow witted as his footballing displays might suggest...Please remove rose tinted "them were the days " spectacles before posting a comment. Agree though, freedman needs to go...he's a drink of water
    Score: 3
    Boltonmonkey 4:31pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    If it helps cheer anyone up, england are beating Italy in the "informal" water polo, in the pool here. Having said that the Italian shot stopper does look a little jaded having consumed a gallon of red at lunchtime.
    Score: 1
    Riggermortis 4:41pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Division one is beckoning already
    Score: 1
    Riggermortis 4:45pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Division one is already racing towards us, but who cares just the fans.
    Score: 2
    Neilbwfc 4:47pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Same old rubbish, I know it's only the first game but it's already doom and gloom.
    Score: 4
    Ernagy2 5:23pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Freedman may not have any money, but he could organise his team better. The players at the club may not be ideal, but why not use illiev and wilkinson until we can get the strikers we want in? Go with 4-4-2. Why play Davies all of a sudden and Chung yong lee, when they hardly played pre-season?
    Score: 11
    firsttouch 5:38pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    I have worked for bolton for 11 years as a academy scout and yes Jimmy Phillips and David Lee are great coaches and are very good at youth level however the championship may be too much for these men at this stage of there career. It's right to say we do need fire power I'm a great believer in what Dougie is doing,however this takes time like everything else ,he has created new squad from last season saving the club thousands in wages. But I agree with the fans three strikers are needed otherwise its down another league and again the old days of the freight rover trophy comes to mind.
    Score: 6
    Liamdog 6:47pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    DF football genius. Quote they have two danger men and we have a plan to cope with them. We will set up not to concede. 20 minutes gone the two danger men have both scored and we lose 3 nil. Brilliant!. Everything this man says is nonesense . All my transfer buisness will be done in the first couple of weeks of the close season says DF and we're still waiting on a striker ! The Bolton News leaves a lot to be desired once again shirking and avoiding asking awkward questions of DF Gartside and the board. When will thus backward slide end.
    Score: 17
    Reebok Al 7:14pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    First game of the season and nothing to show for it, no points, no goals and no impact from any player except substitute Feeney. All the preparation in the world won't count if they go out and play like they're half asleep. I don't want to start singling players out at this stage, but I become depressed when I see Darren Pratley's name on the team sheet. His contribution is minimal. Poor starts are becoming a tradition at Bolton and if that's how it's going to be, we may as well set our clocks for February and go into hibernation.
    Score: 6
    Bob Shaftoe 9:13pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Been there today, a big Wanderers turnout as well but they embarrassed the lot of us, Pratley should never play for us again he's stealing a living as is our manager, the clown that picked him, Coyle mk2, Get rid now, another clueless jock of a manager, talks the talk - you know the rest. Seriously thinking of cancelling my season ticket.
    Score: 13
    Reality50 10:04pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    Supported the club since the Armfield days of the 70's and Charlie Wright,McFarland and Sammy Lee were poor managers but Freedman tops the lot. Tactically inept,ultra defensive, and out of his depth. He should resign. If we lose to Forest,i think the fans will really turn,
    Score: 18
    steveG 10:06pm Sat 9 Aug 14
    No body should be surprised, the quality of player Dougie buys deteriorates each year and the only person who can't see that is him.Regarding his recent comment about organisation, that's one for Dougies classic quotes book.
    Score: 19
    Mallorca Trotter 8:50am Sun 10 Aug 14
    I'd like to see this newspaper reflect the current feelings amongst the fans of the town it reports for. Instead of Mondays Bolton News being about 'Our opening season game experience' it should ask why we've fallen so quickly as a football club, why the Chairman is allowed to continue through constant failure, and why this joke of a manager has been given so much time. The more it becomes his squad, the worse we get. Exactly the same feelings I had for Owen Coyle. Start reporting on the facts and real concerns instead of acting like you're part of the club PR department. Regards
    Score: 17
    stevethewanderer 7:50am Sun 10 Aug 14
    Gartside a co strike again..... my how you've made our club fall. What a pathetic start to the season !! Top 6 eh ? Don't insult us suffering fans
    Score: 9
    Paul Hindley 10:04am Sun 10 Aug 14
    Freedman as Coyle was totally tactically inept, Gartside should never be allowed to choose the next manager, the BS continues to flow from Freedmans mouth, will overdue to get rid of him, for gods sake wake up and smell the coffee Eddie Davies !
    Score: 15
    BBBBBBXX 10:30am Sun 10 Aug 14
    One mediocre striker up front because 4-4-2 is "old fashioned", DF is a whopper and needs to go. I know we will finish in the bottom half this season, I'm just worried how low we will slump before things are changed.
    Score: 5
    Riggermortis 11:22am Sun 10 Aug 14
    The unanimous verdict on here is gartside and freedman out before we slide even further down the leagues. Why is no one listening, there is no point waiting for the first 10 games or until df brings in another crystal palace reject. Do we all have to stay away cos gartside seems to think that season ticket sales endorse his mis management.
    Score: 7
    Mallorca Trotter 12:49pm Sun 10 Aug 14
    Well it's down to people and press like the Bolton News to actually tell the Chairman. Sadly, it's Eddie Davies who needs telling. And year on year, he's gone in my estimation from honourable and timely investor, to controlling and stubborn. Give us the 10 years notice, let us fall into administration, then grow again. This halfway house is killing everyone. It's a slow death. Wipe the debt or call it in. Just speak, communicate and talk Eddie. Because your number 2 is doing you no favours.
    Score: 8
    Beyond News Forum 3:07pm Sun 10 Aug 14
    This is a most unfortunate situation indeed. 40-Odd comments targeting DF, PG and ED... I would say one game in and the showing at home in pre-season against Vitesse, actually the whole pre-season debacle cannot hide what the team has become. On paper we have a half decent squad but something is drastically wrong in that dressing room. BWFC look and play like a reserve team in the lower leagues right now - there is no hiding the demeanor of the players out on the pitch... they know they are fighting a lost cause without the resources to help them up front. Feeney and co from the midfield right to the defence can ping the ball around and cross balls as much as they want, but with out-of-form strikers who are not in a position to be wearing the BWFC shirt at the moment the confidence and determination must be being sapped out of their bodies... we do not sit in the dressing room with the lads as fans... we need Spearing to step up to the plate and talk to the fans, discuss what is being said in the changing rooms and among players when they are socializing... we need to hear it from the players, why, who, what and how they are feeling, what they need... are they truly feeling the pain of the fans? I'm sick of hearing about Financial Fair Play Rules - It seems to me that these rules are not fair play in the slightest and are crippling the structure of not just our football club, but other up and down the country. We cannot progress as a football club with the restriction in place... as for the business side of football, I completely understand that FFP is supposed to be about protecting clubs from going into administration but for a club like BWFC and many others FFP is actually working in the opposite of what FFP is supposed to be protecting us from. Business is about risk, FFP is creating more risk, less productiveness and a huge divide between clubs who can spend and those who cannot. FFP is sucking the life out of many clubs not just BWFC... and it is seemingly being used as an excuse not to progress the club. The are so many wrongs at BWFC at the moment, something needs to be done financially and structurally within the club... but that also means we as fans need to stick together, we need to fight for our club and pull out all stops to support the players we have and turn up to that football stadium. We have a beautiful football ground, we have a relatively large family of BWFC fans... no matter what the feelings are outside of the stadium we need to be turning up in our numbers to financially develop the club further if we are not to see our club fall further down the leagues. We fans are the extra legs, the extra push from the stands... we are the ones that can inspire that team to perform with our voices and passion for the club. We need to fill tat stadium and vocally support the players, not sit there quietly moaning... there is NO atmosphere in the football stadium, no support, no noise, no support from the stands... we ALL need to pull together, stop the moaning and support DF and protest what is happening above and not what is happening from the touchline and within the team... abusing the team and the manager is not helping anyone... those at the top are to blame, DF and the players are limited, they know it, we know it... but without our support they are just going to drop their heads further... they are a talented bunch of players, they will continue to receive my support and they should continue to get your support (fans). We are every bit a part of BWFC as anyone that works within the clubs walls... we can move that club forward, but the fact remains that with a half empty atmosphere-less stadium the club will continue to struggle. GET OUT THERE AND SUPPORT BWFC... LET US STOP THE MOANING FOR A FEW MONTHS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS... let us fans bring the confidence and the good days back to BWFC with our SUPPORT... COYWM COYWM... Let's bring the BWFC Barmy Army back to the stadium and fight for our football club and team... I beg you all... Thank you x
    Score: -3
    byrom57 2:56pm Mon 11 Aug 14
    lets wind the video back a few years and think of what should have happened...when big sam left and were were in the premier league, Phil Gartside and the board should have appointed a quality manager from the uk or overseas with a proven record, it would have cost us a bit of money but we would have recovered that money by staying in the premier league longer and the decline we are in now would not be present, the board have appointed 4 managers now who have taken us steadily downhill, whilst other clubs for example like southampton payed a bit more and appointed pocchetino who played amazing football and got a top ten finish, for me our present predicament rests firmly with the board of directors
    Score: 4
    Riggermortis 10:47pm Mon 11 Aug 14
    Whatever happened with the Gavin McCann court case, we had daily reports in BEN then nothing. God forbid our chairman was compromised
    Score: 0
    stantheman133 2:40pm Thu 21 Aug 14
    I'm sorry Dougie but if you want the fans on your side, first you need to win a match then you need to play with some style. NOT produce the rubbish that is coming out already.
    Score: 0

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