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MATCHDAY LIVE: Bolton Wanderers 2 Northampton Town 1

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The Bolton News: Photograph of the Author

Marc Iles, chief football writer


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    Andy Dunning salisbury 1:23pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Hope he goes with the same 11. with spearing( if fit)on the bench with long. and same formation. Lots of you have been 'skipping' and rightly so after two fantastic performances, but we need to give Northampton a little respect, they will have had us watched at Gillingham, so i expect them to pack the midfield out and try and stifle us, probably going 4-5-1, with two wide of the five, not getting forward much certainly for the first half. Parky might tweak that to combat it, personally i would leave it till the second half. I think we might need to be patient.

    Score: 2
    CeBe from Sweden 1:34pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Zach Clough has put Forest ahead with a clever goal! He´s doing great so far in the Midlands derby!

    Score: 1
    trottersfan 1:45pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Looking FOURward to FOUR MORe(ais)

    Score: 3
    bennythedip 2:23pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    No place for complacency in today's team.

    Score: 1
    nogmeg 2:56pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Clearly we must win. This will be the first game where the opposityion will concentrate on shackling Morais. How well they do will affect the core not the result.

    Score: 0
    [deleted] 3:20pm Sat 18 Mar 17
    Score: 0
    Arnie 52 3:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Worrying first 30 minutes - too many Northampton corners.

    Score: 0
    nogmeg 4:06pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Only one shot on goal. We need a second threat. If Morais is not able to reproduce his recent performance. We need someone else to create chances

    Score: 1
    JustaBloke2000 4:15pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Too reliant on Morais, now, and no backup option?

    Score: 0
    Arnie 52 Replying JustaBloke2000 4:23pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Plan A should have been to use anyone BUT MORAIS. Free up other players. NT FC watching him like a hawk.

    Score: 1
    JustaBloke2000 Replying Arnie 52 4:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Exactly. Not surprising given recent form...

    Score: 0
    Arnie 52 4:17pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    S H1 T

    Score: 2
    Arnie 52 4:40pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Calm now for the next 5 mins. Other scorelines arent too disastrous.

    Score: 0
    Whitesince63 4:41pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    If Wanderers are on fire now, why another substitution with Spearing?

    Score: 0
    JustaBloke2000 4:53pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Fix the feed, plonker! You've marked it down as 2-1 to Northampton!

    Edit: Thank you. Thought there was a case of alt-truth going on :D

    Last edited: 4:55pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Score: 0
    [deleted] 4:57pm Sat 18 Mar 17
    Score: 1
    trottersfan 5:13pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Not four but it's been a good afternoon for Bolton. Well done to the team. I'm already looking forward to another win on Tuesday.

    Score: 0
    SALMAN RUSHDIE'S SANDALS 5:22pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Well done another good result after going a goal down and their last touch of the game has a goal disallowed for offside.

    Score: 0
    dafkaren 6:03pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Matt Taylor was outstanding for them chrimes that cross for their goal was indefensible, but boy oh boy we responded in a manner which suggests we will go the rest of the season unbeaten.Best player on the pitch for me, Darren Pratley.

    Score: 2
    Whitesince63 6:52pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    I think today really confirms the players attitude is right. It must have been difficult for them today coming home with all that expectation from the last two games, which may be why they made a pretty slow start but boy did they react after going that goal down? A good win against an in form team and 3 more points towards the Championship. It's entirely in our own hands so keep that up and there's no stopping us. For once Morais turned deliverer instead of provider so good on him.

    Score: 2
    bennythedip 7:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Very poor today. Made it so hard for themselves. Can't complain about luck at all as were outplayed at times. 2 decisions. Not convinced it was.a penalty and the offside goal couldn't tell. Got to be so much better. Spearings cameo showed how nonsense it was to suggest derik should start ahead of him. 3 points the main thing though.

    Score: 1
    dafkaren Replying bennythedip 8:23pm Sat 18 Mar 17

    Sorry benny I think you are expecting too much, it was a scrap, yes, but to suggest we was outplayed is a nonsense and lucky??, the penalty was certain, and yes their attempt was offside, but we should have had at least one if not two penalties before that one.

    Last edited: 3:14pm Sun 19 Mar 17

    Score: 1
    GeorgeOghani Replying dafkaren 3:15pm Sun 19 Mar 17

    I agree entirely Daffy - it wasn't pretty, but we found a way to win - watch Chelsea some time!

    Score: 0
    Lifelongwhite 9:33am Sun 19 Mar 17

    Great result for wanderers admit we looked a little flat at times maybe that was down to the two great performances prior, but great character by the team to come back and win from a goal down. We finally got a penalty and a bit of luck at the end which was long overdue in my opinion.

    Score: 1

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