HAVING survived the increased security checks at Manchester Airport, I no longer fear anything that this trip has to offer.

I was warned to allow extra time to get to the gate and it took more than an hour standing in a human abattoir line before getting to the departure lounge.

I assume by extra safety checks the airport actually just mean more people holding clear plastic bags asking repeatedly if you have any liquids or gels over 100 millilitres.

Their persistent questioning gave me a complex. By the ninth time of someone asking me, I actually began to doubt myself and started checking all my pockets frantically for rogue eyeliners or vacuum flasks, wondering if I had accidentally purchased a massive tube of toothpaste in the few minutes since someone last asked.

And what arbitrary figure is 100 mililitres anyway? If someone has a liquid that is potentially flammable or explosive, I’d rather they didn’t have any at all.

The airplane was packed full of Wanderers fans, with more expected today. The topic of hot debate was, unsurprisingly, whether Dougie Freedman could sign Lukas Jutkiewicz – and no sooner had I set my first foot down in Denmark, news reached me that Burnley were now in for him too.

I had no idea that Copenhagen would be this warm. I don’t envy the lads training in this heat, which as I was struggling through Central Station yesterday afternoon was touching 30 degrees.

Being typically English, I had to have a quick stroll around the block immediately to assess my territory. I stumbled across an Aldi and bought six bottles of yellow stuff with a name that cannot be printed in a family newspaper. On getting it back to my room I was relieved to find that it tasted like pineapple.

Tonight we have the first game, so I might be able to report on some actual football rather than my shopping habits. Until then see you later, or as they say round here, vi ses snart!