AFTER the ugliness of last night, the walk towards a sun-soaked Wembley Stadium was an absolute joy for the second semi-final.

Wanderers fans mixed readily with Stoke fans without a hint of trouble and while I appreciate it's still early in the day, it's a good example to set.

Wembley always looks great in the sunshine but on my way into the press facilities I couldn't resist a walk up Wembley Way for old time's sake.

You sometimes forget about being a football fan in this job, as you get caught up in all the stuff behind the scenes. But if anyone wants positive evidence of why you should play a semi-final game at the national stadium, this is it.

I somehow doubt I'd be getting the same tingle down my spine trudging through Trafford Park, or negotiating deepest darkest Birmingham.

There's more of a final atmosphere around the stadium this afternoon and if that doesn't whet your appetite for another day like this in May, nothing will.