Speeding hotspots where people “feel like they’re sat at a racetrack” have been flagged up as part of an effort to identify crime concerns.

Kearsley and its surrounding villages have been one of several areas across Bolton where representatives have been asked to explain the three main areas they are worried about.

Cllr Paul Heslop, who represents the area on Bolton Council, says that having put the question to people across Kearsley, speeding came a clear first.

He said: “We get reports and emails every week from the estates, just this week we’ve had one about Bolton Road.

He added: “Market Street in Stoneclough is another hotspot, people there tell me that sometimes they can be say outside the pub and they feel like they’re at a racetrack.”

The Bolton News: The concerns will be considered by Bolton CouncilThe concerns will be considered by Bolton Council (Image: Newsquest)

Cllr Heslop said several other areas across his ward had also been flagged up where people were concerned about speeding, in particular the various “cut through” estates, which often include a lot of housing meaning that pedestrians or other drivers could be at risk.

As well as speeding, people had also raised off-road biking and theft, particularly theft from people, cars and property as a recurring concern in the area.

He put the question to residents after councillors all over Bolton were asked to do similar and said that he felt that this could help people make their concerns known.

As well as Kearsley, speeding has previously been flagged as a major cause of concern across the borough as a whole.

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Earlier in August new speed cameras were installed, along with automatic number plate recognition cameras.

Police said at the time that new additional sites for cameras were identified as part of their programme to crack down on areas where people appeared to have been travelling to commit crimes.

Cllr Heslop says that now that the three main areas, speeding, off-road biking and theft in this case, have been identified he hopes that further action will be taken.

The concerns are now set to be passed on to Bolton Council which will in turn consider the issues and then pass them on to the police.