With its historic homes and rich heritage, it is not surprising Bolton has been named the  UK's second most haunted.

And neighbouring Salford was placed  number one.

As Halloween approaches, BonusFinder, analysed each area of the UK looking at the number of cemeteries, reported ghost sightings, haunted locations, and the number of paranormal investigators around the country to uncover the UK’s most haunted cities and towns.

Giving each place a score out of ten on how haunted they are, Salford came in at number one with a frightful score of 8.5 out of 10.

The Bolton News: Turton TowerTurton Tower (Image: NQ)

Bolton's  score was a terrifying 8.4 out of 10 for all factors looked at.

Data shows Bolton has had 15 paranormal reports, there are 31 cemeteries, 1,642 vacant properties and 32,520 houses that were built before 1918.

Although it has fewer cemeteries compared to the first-place Salford, it stands out with a higher number of paranormal reports, vacant properties, and old houses.

However, when considering these figures per population, Bolton has 116 vacant properties and 2,031 houses built before 1918 per 10,000 people, which is lower than Salford’s count.

One of the most renowned haunted locations in Bolton is Smithills Hall.

According to BonusFinder, it boasts a substantial collection of paranormal reports, including sightings and unexplained phenomena.

The hall was passed on to the Barton family in 1485, and was home to them for almost 200 years. During the War of the Roses, John Barton fought and died at the Battle of St Albans.

In the great hall, a reputed psychic has reported seeing a strange looking man and a woman, both of whom appeared to be in 15th century dress. 

Following his trial as a Protestant during the reign of the devoted Catholic Queen, Mary Tudor, Bolton farmer George Marsh was bought before Robert Barton (the owner of the estate) in the hall's Green Room. George was burned at the stake on the 24th April of 1555.

A visitor has related that, on a visit to Smithills as a child, he noticed a man at the top of the stairs to the Green Room. As a result, when the museum attendant announced to the visitor's family that it was locking up time, the visitor mentioned there was also a man upstairs.

To his amazement the attendant explained that the family were the only visitors left in the hall.To this day the visitor is convinced that the only explanation is that the 'man' upstairs was George Marsh.

The Green Room where George Marsh was questioned is considered to be the most haunted room at Smithills.

There have also been unexplained encounters in the chapel.

One day, one of the Friends of Smithills Hall  who was in the building before it was opened to the public, entered the chapel to and saw that there was someone already in there kneeling in prayer.

A member of staff removing some dead flowers from the chapel was pushed from behind into the wall with such force that they received grazes.

At one time a Pugin mirror used to hang in the hall's shop. One day, the shop manager happened to glance in the mirror and spotted that there was a man watching from the doorway, dressed in black with white bushy hair.

The manager turned around, but the man was not there. The manager saw the same man again twice, with the third sighting taking place on the stairs.

In Colonel Ainsworth’s room, when the hall is opened up in the mornings, the staff often have to set the glasses on the table back in their right place, as during the night they have somehow been moved or turned upside down.

The ancient stone manor house, Turton Tower is also rumoured to be haunted.

One of the recurring stories is that of a lady dressed in a long mourning gown heard to shuffle among the rooms of the hall, sobbing.

The same figure has been seen on the lawn outside the house – but has Erica captured the first image of the Lady of Turton?

Visitors and staff have reported strange sounds, footsteps, and apparitions, especially in the older parts of the building.

One of Salford’s most haunted spots is Wardley Hall, which has a history dating back to the 13th century. This historic building in Salford has a reputation for being haunted, with reports of unexplained noises and the feeling of being watched. Wardley Hall is also associated with the legend of the Wardley Witch, a local tale that amplifies its reputation as a haunted hotspot.

BonusFinder data also found that Crawley is the least haunted place in the UK.

Data shows the spooky score is 0.7 out of ten with three paranormal reports, seven cemeteries, 105 vacant properties and 1,080 houses built before 1918.

For a more in-depth look at the findings, go to https://www.bonusfinder.co.uk/about-us/blog/most-haunted-places-in-uk

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